"Others wanted to be"
Francisco DH 

Maybe when he was younger he watched the trees
The wind would go on by
And the trees would start to whisper.
And he would wonder what they were saying.

Maybe when he was younger he played games
His friends would kick the ball with faith in him
and He would make the winning goal.

Maybe when he was younger he would take his hands
And Steal a cookie off the dish of his mother
And he would grin and laugh with such innocenece when caught.

Maybe when he was younger he was a child
Others wanted to be
But we all know how he turned out in the end.

This came up to me when I was in Poetry Out loud YEsterday.
There was this kid Named Mark and when I met him I was drawn to him but not like it should be.
He had this thing about him that made him seem like he would be a politician despite his aspirations to be an orthodontist. The feeling I got wasn't good, Not good at all.
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