"You're the miracle that sets me free,"
Edwin F Lopez 

You're the miracle in my eyes,
You're the miracle that shines my path,
You're the miracle that gives me life,
You're the miracle that I yearn for.

You're the miracle that sets me free,
Bound from the chains of pain.
You're the miracle that hides from me,
Waves crashing on me and pushing me away.

You're my miracle of love,
Love that pushes me away,
Away to hide the pain,
Pain of being away from that who makes you whole.

Avarious Ignis Ragnarok 07/01/12
"The twin sets clash and tolls."
Dannie Marie 

Your thunders roll,
The twin sets clash and tolls.
Unpleasant sounds toss and wake.
Even the whole earth seems to shake.

Why did this happen here?
What caused this conflict to begin here?
All knows that the gods have feuded and side.
Only wanting nothing more than status pride.

Rules debated and time standing come yet.
For these greedy, merciless gods take what they can get.
There will be a law said,
To avoid the call of family banishéd.

But what about you?
When tis your cue?
To speak freely against the gods
And demand fairness firm and strong as goldenrod?

Resist blindly following their pleas.
Because then the conflict will never ease.
Do not forever be misguided.
For you yourself is already undecided.

Choose well and wise.
The gods will soon see your open eyes.
Even if the thunders roar,
Your choice will be even more.

"As the sun now rises, a new day sets in. In a few"
Donald Guy 

An ode seems appropriate
To the classical style
Of the columns and the domes
Above the green court.

Many things have adorned that dome:
Squad car, fire truck, droid, and phone
But today, viewed in a mind's eye—sunlight.

But as were that phone booth still apparent
From afar it now calls, and now I shall answer.
Over the river, and through the urban jungle,
Through the sky, 400 miles, as the airliner flies
But worth every inch, rod, meter or smoot.
It beckons to the mind and to the heart;
It beckons to the soul of a scholar.

Were I less knowing I might think not
That light fell from above onto that dome.
But rather, that the hemisphere
Gave forth the blazing light
ebullience of photons, amidst
Torrents of knowledge.

Its hallowed halls, numbered precisely,
Soon no longer a forbidden temple shall be
Instead, I shall tread there, such as I am
Learn from efforts I effect and others I see

O Halls, I shall greet thee, O Tunnels in winter
Traverse and find warmth to keep body to task
For knowledge, always, comes with a high price
In joules, dollars, cents, days and hours of rest
Long nights turn to dawns, nose to the grindstone
Maybe just one more tool; okay, maybe another.

But brother meets brother, and sister meets sister
On both sides of the river, and the work gets done.
Whether Greek or not, there is community here
A problem, or a set of them, is always seen through.

As the sun now rises, a new day sets in. In a few
hours of my life I will rise to these challenges.

With a chirping, I shall cross the paths that I come to,
Enter the halls .. and my journey shall begin.

~ D. B. Guy

2008. Idyllic celebration following on news of my admittance to MIT
"Sets you free"

Indian soul I want your bow
Weapon of peace
Instrument of thieves
Gift of the gods
Curse of the slaves
Children of fate
Revenge finds thee
Sets you free
Rest now

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