"Heart fluttering synthesis nervous excited"
Evan G 

Virgin air expands a dawning breath

as the sun rises over this new hearth.

Heart fluttering synthesis nervous excited

steps into a new skin a new face.

I smile and wonder fates drift

This flowing floating river

A current all its own

WIth rebirth at every bend.

"Synthesis says"
Alysha L Scott 

Synthesis says
hang the liar, birth the

Feign what
he said, she said, we said


Martyr in the sack.
Radical, the bone layer

White bride, lucid lace
cool, cool blue in
subdued tones.

Skin is circles, ellipse,
revolution, revelation
creation as submission,

god god god

Cad Gaddeau

We trees, pine broken
and snared, and

Feign what
I said, I said, I said


I am
the liar.

"nd salvation in your touch and cellular synthesis in your stare."
Senor Negativo 

At no time in my deranged youth
Did I ever grasp the full breadth of the truth.
A living death is sown by us alone,
In a paradox of pestilence
We are our own entropy.
From a rancid repellent abyss
I have climbed forth,
Cloaked in your memory
I storm forward, knowing that I shall not falter
There upon the alter of life's trials
I found a token of acceptance, a funerary charm.
From the dust of a bygone age I will mark my place.
Your hand grips like the talon of an eagle,
I found salvation in your touch and cellular synthesis in your stare.
Now months past the playful begginings, now,
I find your skin particles still cling to me,
Magnetized, electric connections, remind me of our bonds.
Though bondage so perfect, would make slaves of nations
Swayed beneath the legions of laughter marching forth from your mouth.
I cannot crucify your image, though I martyr myself in your name,
In the depths of my shame, your gentle presence remained,
A mirror to the pain, a white blouse stitched, lightly parted lips,
Bring back that ethereal face for one day,
It helped me to battle, and brave the night,
The fight I fought, was for your touch alone.
Now you touch me with different hands,
You choose how you touch, I take what I can get.
It is the meaning behind the caress that abolishes my regrets.

"and synthesis"
Sa Sa Ra 

I am that I am
and what is
and the singular
and synthesis
therefor dimensionless...

"Roots form synthesis with a surface void of story"

I am the eccentric lovechild of a mother frondescent and a father evanescent
Sprouted through corrupted soul
Fed from the fish delivered free from a sea of blood and oil
Uprooted I drift in sunlight towards an amiable oasis nurtured by scribes
Roots form synthesis with a surface void of story
My blooms entail alternative motions ranging from the aspect of a chaotic notion and the transcendent shiver given with ceremonial moments
Traces of my lingering expanse traverse and terraform galactic sound gardens bursting at the seams with Gaia’s seeds
Wither, decay, destined to resume once in full bloom
Meandering with solar rays bonded by ebb and flow
The remnants of the last sun ray plague the wanderer who was born of sunflowers

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