"That I was curled against your skin?"
Angela Moreno 

This morning before
I ever lifted my head,
I turned to see
Your half of the bed.
And what a harsh reminder
Of how I'm growing old
With your side of the bed
Still unbearably cold.
Your sheets are not tossed,
Your pillow unpressed--
All lovely reminders
Of my current distress.
Was it not merely a month ago
That I was curled against your skin?
We were perfect puzzle pieces,
Your shoulder to my chin.
All day long
We would curl up and sleep
With nothing like time
And business to keep.
But what a terrible disease
Lurked inside my mind.
I never thought I could be
So selfish and unkind.
If only I had known
I was capable of such sin
I never would have let
Our cursed romance begin.
I could promise to never
Let it happen again.
I could take my pills
Like I refused to then.
I could be so much better,
My darling, please see.
If only, if only
You'd come back to me.

"your palm is burning, under my skin"

I need you to touch me
do it now.
I want your body, you want mine
remember you said
sweetheart, everything will be fine.

tips of your finger are silk
barely touch my cleavage
my entire body is so rich
rich of your small just sprinkle kisses.
I need you to touch me more
what are you waiting for?

your palm is burning, under my skin
looking in your eyes
I'm reading a long story of desire.
is all for me?

you smile to me, smile for me
when you do it
my thoughts become blurry.
please, stop whisper into my ear
I can't handle anymore
just, touch me!

"settled upon my flushed skin"
Melody W 

It was as if I’d never left;
a strange stillness in the room
settled upon my flushed skin

and stayed a while like an old friend

peering through the flimsy facade
of the night’s torn stockings -
strange familiars echoed the night’s whim

and satchels hung from low branches

unforgiving, weighted from defeat
and unrelenting wind, a scream
of a whisper in your ear

If only I could take in this world
before the soft distortion
made us unrecognizable

even to each other.

"skin to skin yet worlds apart"
Melody W 

Unforeseeable tragedies
dictate our lives,
their discordant nature
bending the smooth course
of familiar currents,
propelling bodies into the unknown.

Incapable of neither speech nor escape,
you stumbled in the darkness
only to be embraced by  
cold demons screaming with silent fury

And you spiraled downward
at a cruel exponential pace
until your own mind eluded you
pushing you headfirst into the pavement

And we watched, aghast and helpless
skin to skin yet worlds apart
as you were eaten alive.

The granules of sand
in the misshapen hourglass
served only as a glaring reminder
of everything you were,
and everything we lost.

"I felt the warmth of your skin"
Matthew Hundley 

I had a dream last night
And I still don't know how to feel
About what I saw

It was you and I
We walked for hours
Through some random park
Put I didn't care where I was
I was with you

I decided to grab your hand
And you returned the gesture
And we stood there
In silence

I said something stupid
And it made you laugh
Somehow your eyes still lit up
In the darkness
And then I kissed you
I felt the warmth of your skin
On my lips
As I kissed your hand
And then your neck
But I could not put my lips
Against yours

That was when I discovered
It was all just a dream
Because I awoke in my bed
And you were still sleeping in yours

"Electric on your skin"
Dennis Bielanski 

When You begin to read this
Feel my gentle soul
Wrap my arms around you
Please don't lose control

Feel my energy around you
I want to make you feel complete
Feel the intensity surround you
From your head down to your feet

Feel my hands upon you
Electric on your skin
My passion from inside your heart
Feel it deep within

Feel the perspiration
Coming from inside
Our spirits wrapped together
There is nothing we should hide

Now we're stuck together
How it feels Devine
Two body's pulled together
Angel Face and Sunshine

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