"As we are just cuddling in the dark."
jeffrey conyers 

Cuddle in my arms, you are.
We just enjoying quiet time together.
Relaxing on the couch in the dark with a single candle burning.

Just reflecting back on our relationship.
Like when we first met.
It's been a worthy experience.
One I wouldn't trade for anything.

I remember our first kiss.
It's simply hard to forget.
It was sincere.
It was passionate.
Just like the one I've just given you.

I remember our walks in the park.
Those self made dinners we had.
Those was good times.
Just like those we are creating now.

As we are just cuddling in the dark.
Reflecting back.

"Cuddling up close with that someone,"
Kaitlin Frost 

Bonfire smoke rises into the skies
and a fire crackles with the dry leaves.
Pumpkin spices roam the chilling winds,
trying to find those shirts with long sleeves.
Friday night football games crack off into the night,
kids laughing off in the woods.
Drinking every drop of that hot chocolate,
and pulling up those hoods.
Cuddling up close with that someone,
having those listless conversations.
Then walking along those paths of lights,
while you sing "I'll Be Home For Christmas".

"Maybe I would not be cuddling my legs"
Nhlanhla Moment 

What are the odds that we are even?
Won't you receive that it's love I believe in?
What are the chances the glances were real?
Knit this thread of emotion that I feel
Knit it and pin it on your chest
I need you and miss you and telling you does not make it less.

Maybe I meant it when I said I love
Maybe I saw it when you got lost in my eyes
Maybe the pair was to be when we were intertwined
Maybe meaning is you and me defined

What are the chances that I am a mess?
What are the odds that you are my best?
This love has been a test
What are the odds that you love me too?
What are the odds that life is you and me?
If I was to be, would you see through me?
If we had our time would we last?
If the clock ran would we stop and dance?
What if we gave love a chance?

Maybe I was not good enough
Maybe your flaws were few
Maybe my heart was sweet
Maybe I would have shown you places new
Maybe together we would grow
Maybe we would find roses that have no thorns
Maybe I would not be leaning against walls
Maybe I would not be cuddling my legs
watching a crazy heart break.

Maybe on the morrow of no sorrow we would not borrow from the place where tears follow
Maybe we would give and not hesitate
Maybe we would take it slow and deny haste
Maybe on the morrow we would both kiss fate
Maybe our time is yet to come,
maybe it is all over and done. Maybe...

"cuddling cats with tickling whiskers"
Kalena Leone 

secret mysteries
hidden flesh
             hidden torn flesh
closed doors that shield red eyes
        cold bodies
shivering in pain
just to feel it
cuddling cats with tickling whiskers
beautiful leaves that make you want to avoid this
hidden flesh
these red eyes
these cold bodies
that are formed from the depth of our connected minds
that aren’t so connected anymore.

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