"and campfire."
Kenneth Irving MacPherson 

Riding wheels
of thought while
with fresh stream
and campfire.

Scot Bay's crust
below a split's stair,
milk woven mist
under hand to sea,
sowing Morphina's silvery sleep.

I begged to fly the flag
as you started the mornings fire,
a bottle of gin to halt chattering teeth.

Two full days of bliss.

"Campfire talks,"

Summer nights,
the nights I miss.
Those were the nights full of bliss.
Campfire talks,
card games and more.
Those were that nights I adore.
Days on the boat,
out in the sun.
Those were the days full of fun.
Water fights,
whipped cream wars.
Those were the good memories I have stored.
Pepperoni pizza,
mountain dew.
Those were my weakness, but that you knew.
Nights in the park,
gazing at stars.
Those were my favorite times by far.
I miss you.  I love you.
I can't wait to be home.
Those were the words you said before you left me alone.

"ing white air onto our fingers around a campfire of exhaust."
Mia Zanette 

We dragged the bodies down the wrong side of the road

And stacked their bones like an exhibit behind museum glass.

I remember our hands were too cold to light our cigarettes

So we held them above the bumper of our redhanded Chevy,

Breathing white air onto our fingers around a campfire of exhaust.

Somewhere down the way a lone bird cried a primal warning.

The ground hummed with distant wheels on gravel moving quickly.

Our lofty shoelaces chained our shoes to our feet; frozen to the scene.

Chewing nails down to skin, wrapping scarves like nooses around our necks-

You were the cops, we were the robbers.

You were the prisoner, we were the jail.

Hands crossed for icy handcuffs though none had come yet

So we tied our frosted breath tight inside our shivering body bags.

"From cheers, from sports, from campfire songs."
Cameron Godfrey 

I’m from wigs and hats and baseball cards
From perseverance and working hard

I am from “you can surely ace this test”
From “things will always turn out for the best.”

I’m from belief and passion and prayer
From the constant feeling that God is there.

I’m from a camp where everyone belongs
From cheers, from sports, from campfire songs.

I’m from the lake every summer in the sun,
From gathering the family and just having fun.

I’m from painting on doors and singing on stage
From constantly working so hard to behave.

I am from stories and poems and art
I am from passion and power and heart.

I am from hyperness and hysteria.
I’m from Doctor Who and Nerdfighteria.

I’m from often feeling that I’m not good enough
But from pushing through when times are rough.

Although sometimes I’m from pressure and loss
We make it through, because my family is boss.

Where are you from?

*Written for a 7th grade language arts assignment.*
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