"devised by haircut disasters and"
Tim Knight 

We left the Summer too long,
that is ran off and absconded,
turned to Autumn,
made blue skies red.

I got told that
there’s a girl for every thought,
by a man with brown eyes.
He took a train South at
nine fifteen with a bought
bag of lies tucked between forearm
and chest; below the neck but still high enough.

Hide behind new names
devised by haircut disasters and
rum, gin and past-their-sell-by-date jokes,
thought up in hotel lobbies
in front of a front desk clerk,
oblivious to everything but hotel work.

"A haircut."

I love my wife.
She does so much for me.
But there are some things
That she just won't do.

That's OK.
There's no reason why she should.
But, because of this,
Sometimes I go and visit

My wife doesn't complain.
...Well, that's not strictly true.
Sometimes we do argue
About the money.

You see, Laura charges a bit more than the other girls.
But I prefer her.
She doesn't judge me like they do.
OK, they'll do anything I ask
But I can see it in their eyes.
And maybe they're right
Maybe I am a bit unusual
...In my tastes.

But Laura just smiles and gets on with it.
I never have to explain to her.
She knows exactly what I want.
And she NEVER lets me down.

And that's why I will keep on going back to her.
Whenever I need
A haircut.

"1. I hate your stupid haircut"
Lexiconical Quinn 
I hate your stupid haircut
You look like a girl

2. I hate your perfect body
And how it makes my stomach twirl

3. I hate your immature friends
And all the gross things that they say

4. I hate that you are way too smart
In the least cocky of ways

5. I hate the way you pinched my waist
That would always make me scream

6. I hate your childish, genuine laugh
And how innocent it makes you seem

7. I hate the way you always knew
The perfect things to say

8. I hate that you're all I think about
Every. Single. Day.

9. I hate that when I see you 'round
I forget how to breathe

10. I hate the way our bodies
Fit together so perfectly

11. I hate that you were always warm
Even when it was so cold

12. I hate that you always do
Exactly what you're told

13. I hate that you're so skinny
But you also seemed so strong

14. I hate that your biggest turn-on's
Were my tan lines and my thongs

15. I hate the way you treated me
So perfectly from the start

16. I hate that you got under my skin
And all the way into my heart

17. I hate the way I love you
So much more than I should

18. I hate the way I fucked us up
Just like I knew I would

19. I hate how much I love you, still
And how you swept me off my feet

20. But what I hate more than anything
Is that you aren't right here, with me
"He had a haircut, the style akin to one of which a schoo"

Is it weird that I am craving for love?
Not any other love, but yours?
How could our love, the only burning flame in the dark, die just like that?
The ghouls inside of me descend with one touch of yours

I remember the light that shone on his face
On the Tuesday morning – carrying a blue haversack walking out of the subway.
                                                         ­                                                                 ­  
He had a haircut, the style akin to one of which a school boy
He smirked when I reminded him of how beautiful he looked
Walking along the busy street hand in hand, he stared
His stare, was enough to rip that beasts inside of me
I thought to myself,
How I adored that hairstyle
How I adored the smirks he gives when I remind him how beguiling he is

He is beautiful
The way he smiles when he looks at me
The way his elbow always hit my shoulders when we walk
The way he runs his hand through his hair
The way his shoes always complements his shirt

I’m trying
I’m holding on to the last moment we had
I remember, on the Tuesday morning, he walked out of the subway
How perfectly our fingers were intertwined when we walked
He stared,
And  said “I love you till the end” – how ironic

"two bits could get a haircut"
Roger Turner - Poet 

Please explain inflation
Why do prices rise
For when I go out shopping
They change before my eyes
I just don't seem to get it
why some go up and down
Why a red car's more expensive
Than a new car that is brown
I tried to do some simple math
I went back to the books
Now I think that all economists
Are just white collar crooks
Follow me on this one, now..
A buck in 1970 is now worth near five fifty
I don't know how they did it
But I think it's kind of shifty
A funeral costs much more today
But this one is a pickle
For in western movies I have seen
My life's worth a plugged nickel
That hasn't changed in many years
So, I made a decision
It has to do with the new math
And that damned new long division
Wheat is up, and so is beer
And theres one that I resent
To put my worth in when it's asked
It's still just two damn cents
A house...well, that's a nightmare
Some cost more than you will earn
You'll be owing for a lifetime
Your mortgage you won't burn
Water, there's another thing
It's now worth more than gas
But now, our nice tap water
It's quality won't pass
Six cents would get you postage
To send a letter, that's not bad
Today..it's almost ten times that
And that is really sad
But here's one that's confusing
Of all the things you've bought
This one's never varied
It's still a penny for your thoughts
two bits could get a haircut
And it would also get a shave
But now to get this combo
It takes two weeks to save
Hockey cards they cost a dime
And baseball cards did too
But, now they're an investment
And a dime won't buy you two.
Please think on this real hard now
It's a tale that's really old
Let's find how Rumplestiltskin
Could spin straw into gold
Inflation is a bugger
It's all over the earth
I say smile, and then bend over
And that's my two cents worth!

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