"Sultry sighs echo on midnight bluffs and achin"

And the harvest moon smiles

The ground beneath my feet
solid as is stone of millennium’s might and fear
Flat on a surface of cultured desires,
formidable, paved in promises kept and windswept actions

This night, chocolate skies of peering pleading eyes,
locks smooth, dark, shining beneath a silent harvest moon
glowing down upon this photograph dream
developing on the breath of autumn’s coming

Softly I lay you down, earth and colored leaves
vibrant as this beauty I hold, tinted in hues of love
Comfort beyond compare, nature’s pristine mattress
engulfs your form as I find my way in the dark

Sultry sighs echo on midnight bluffs and aching cliffs
Silhouetted caverns, ignited by reflections of sensual calls
and names found on the evening canopy resonate
in melodic tones of lust and true endeavors

Sunflower lips, smooth as mirrored glass and fragrant as life
meet mine in passion, touching, feeling, every inch
as we dance to the rhythm of early hour heart beats,
drinking of the pleasure now shared by destined souls

Snow caps melt in violent flow of heated steam, fissures of depth on blood streaked skin,
as your nails scream beneath my flesh, begging this earth, this solid ground to move
when as asked, it moves, madly shaking, convulsing until …
shattering in a crescendo of spark filled ecstasy  

and the harvest moon smiles

"Sleep in sultry peace, love"
Nik Bland 

Sleep dear child, hear lullabies
Screams of people in the street, love
Mother's whispers, closing eyes
No tears on your soft cheek, love

Sleep dear child, though fire does fall
Sleep in sultry peace, love
Ash your blanket, tinder calls
The sky burns, so dream in sleep, love

Sleep dear child, no crying now
Ground cracks beneath our feet, love
Sweet dreams through nightmare, see not storm clouds
The nightmare's almost complete, love

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