"*trippy, maaaaan.*"

when, oh when
will it stick
longer then scotch tape on things that are
serpentine bawl-eyes, calloused lies
tired sighs
breathe fire
to heathens.
to which this animal hacks
a laugh
with a toxic belch, lunging
to feed, glittering, shivering
with need
to ravage my body
to sup on my soul.

psychedelic sobriety
shit gets me every time.
it's not the drugs, really
not the "escape from real life"
it's the magic-
the mystical brews with fumes
I breathe from far away
right out of reach of my
desperate (bored) fingers.
painfully sober, stumbling
with the eyes of a child
seeing everything for the first time.
I'm going to work? I do this every day?
trippy, maaaaan.
is how heat feels
on my skin?
is how it feels
to operate a vehicle?
to drive in a four-person vessel
on wheels?

the magic is far away these days.
the magic that connects me to all of this.
the magic that seamlessly whispers
through the voices of seeds
and wind-you're at home.
(even in this world.)
through the voice of synchronicity-
when my soul is plunked back
within its skin-trapped cave
where I am intimately connected
with my fingers, and limbs
when I feel like I am a part
of myself.

it never arrives, stays, or leaves
it's always
that thought
is the tape
that doesn't stick-yet
it's no use asking
a rosebud to bloom

"trippy feeling vibrations"

I study hallucinations
scattering all over my eyes
Everything you see
you know its not as it seems
looking to the sky
at the stars
maybe get high
hallucination in the mind
trippy feeling vibrations
freedom in america is my song
until man brings us down
stay free in america
cus mitt he's already drowned

"*Before me in trippy little colors, the hippie aisle*"
Mike Hauser 

Over a cup of morning java
Scanning my daily mail
I came upon an advertisement sheet
That exclaimed in BOLD rainbow pastel

Grand opening of a store that has everything
On the corner of Daisy and William Tell
The one thing I saw that interested me
Is they were having a back to "60's"  Hippie sale

Of course I stopped what it was I was doing
Hopped in my Lexus and left right away
The excitement had my heart all in a flutter
This I guarantee is going to be a good day

They weren't kidding when they said they sold it all
I'd been wandering the store for quite a while
That's when I came to what it was I had come here for
Before me in trippy little colors, the hippie aisle

So I bought me a couple colorful hippies
With my 25% coupon I was able to save
The Hippies even  came with a bonus
Fresh cut flowers and Jefferson Airplane tapes

When I got home I showed them to their room
Black light posters and colored beads hung from the door
As luck would have it I bought an Indian hemp rug
From Pier One just the day before

They taught me transcendental meditation
While I taught them both how to bathe
Their lessons broadened the mind
My lessons the nostrils saved

I soon had a groovy little hippie pad
In which organic vegetables and enlightenment grew
We'd sit around crossed legged in a  purple haze at night
Playing psychedelic tunes on our Kazoo's
And I was pretty good too! Who Knew!

Yes, a house of happy hippies
Is a happy hippie house indeed
Especially when Wendy Crystal Sky...Yes, that's her name
Brews her famous dandelion tea

I highly recommend the purchase of hippies
I couldn't be any happier with mine
Sure beats the punk rockers I got on close out last year
But that my friend is another tale for another time...

"Trippy little colors do they see"
Mike Hauser 

There's a colonel in most every town
And chicken he does know
But the youth of today are not finger licking
They're licking of the toads

When they run out of their drugs
They must run out of their minds
When the toad lickers come a licking
Best to run and hide

Yes, they've found a brand new high
When their pot is running low
The poppy fields have all run dry
And the cow patty mushroom is no mo

The city kids head to the swamps
Just hopping at the thrill
Grabbing at amphibians
And licking them at will

With every tantalizing lick
Trippy little colors do they see
Pass around the froggy
For another lick if you please

But who am I to judge
As crazy as it looks
Could it be as bad as crack
With one lick and your hooked

I have this nagging question though
That bothers me to this day
Who was the first to lick the toad
And say this taste okay

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