"Sweat trickles, rivulets running down a slick"
Tyler Loeslein 

Sweat trickles, rivulets running down a slick
back making a 100% cotton t-shirt stick
like adhesive to adhesive, my tongue darts out to lick
a bead of sweat off my upper lip.
My half closed eyes cross the finish line and shut
for a moment to blink, yet my ears listen on to what
the man across the table says, speaking out to a class but,
I’m the only student he has.
The hands on my watch and the hands on the clock
are like synchronized swimmers, or runners at the block
before the gun fires and steals the uniformity, like a hawk
I watch the tics tic by, signalling class is out.

"On a sweat pavent"

Just watched
Most wonderful movie
Just heared
Most beutifull song
You walked
On a sweat pavent
Just went
Through an incredible road

But I never do these things
I went away from home
I left my reality
I slipped away to somewhere
I should have never gone to

I wanted to be better
Feel better
I wanted to have a better view
I wanted to have something
I wanted to never stop walking
The sensation made me leave

I followe the wrong road
I tripped ao many times
And on the same rock
I left the things I loved most

I kind of forgot who I was
It was easy to be part of something
And new
I had to try it

But i realized that was not me
I want to
I have to
I will go home
Where I belong
Where I learned
So many things about what it is to live

Im back home
Where a belong
Where I real
Not plastic

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