"the paper was released today -"
Melody W 

mindlessly ingesting edamame
we swallow secrets nestled
in repeating peaks, tepid allure

they say timing is everything
in the world of science, milliseconds
scream nullification of novel truths

the paper was released today -
glaring, stark letters regaling
your name, an idea, and little else

and when all is said and done
we are the ones left, trying
to make sense of what you found
and what we have yet to grasp

"*The moon is bright today!*"
Melody W 

Marked by imperfections
weathered by Time,
will your sturdy branch hold
the weight carried unwillingly
for so long?

One weary foot
chasing another
an infertile vicious cycle
unable to be tempered

Solemn face cast downward
cruel anticipation
bright slaughterhouse
a little ways down a
meandering dusty road
unbeknownst to most

Breathe once more,
Deafening gusts of
mockingly jaded motifs
fill your aching lungs.


Loveless departure;
please do not disturb
this final resting place
for unseeing eyes

The moon is bright today!
musings echo vacancies
Cast into the wind.

There is no moon in the sky.

"Today will show who you're supposed to be."
Amelia Crake 

Seize the day. Life is short, eat dessert first.
Don't let the fear of failure hold you back.
Take what's yours. With no regrets, quench your thirst.
Don't give up, you'll never stay on track.
The marrow is yours, so suck it all out.
People say the dumbest shit to you.
Never let them silence you, always shout!
Remember, to yourself, you must be true.
Inside and out, you're beautiful to me.
Stars refuse to shine when you're out at night.
Today will show who you're supposed to be.
Refuse to let them take away your light.
I've held you close for far too long, my dove.
No more wasting time, do the things you love!

This is the poem I was talking about in the letter you haven't read yet but you don't know that, do you?
"I was sure I would die today"
Anon C 

I was sure I would die today
that my heart finally stopped
collapsing in pain
feeling a pop
I was sure
the worst part
I felt nothing
maybe a little fear
just a little
aside from raw fear though
no thoughts crossed my minds
this is it

"Today is the best day for one,"
Ryan Hodges 

The city is a grid
of lights projected
by man-made mountains
built of glass and steel;
they reflect, distorted
off the glass surface
of Lake Michigan.

Good morning

The sun rises
with heavy-eyed commuters,
homes filling with
the smell of coffee;
yesterday’s events are
brought inside, rolled
up in a blue plastic bag.

Soon the traffic on the Dan Ryan
will turn the stretch of road
into a temporary parking lot.

Life enters the veins
of downtown;
it heads down Michigan Avenue
to the heart of The Loop.

The ferris wheel at Navy Pier
begins to turn hypnotically,
attracting all walks of life.

A Muslim passes a Christian
on the street;
they smile at each other;
their backgrounds don’t matter.

Someone is calling;
someone is answering.
Today is the best day for one,
the worst day for another.

The day does its job to go on

Chicago fills its lungs,
then exhales life back home.
The sun colors buildings,
traces of day
to be soon replaced
by the form of lit office windows.

From a plane passing over,
the grid is a chessboard
waiting for the next day,
the next game.

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