"some nice pickles."
Richard j Heby 

so lunch depends

a red-winged black-

glazed with strained

some nice pickles.

a tribute to WCW's Red Wheelbarrow
Odi Aug 2012

The mirror stained with our memories, pictures
I am not in many of them
I count;
four pictures, we look happy
The bleeding sky was the only thing that gave  us release
Like the winter would fill our bones
and cigarette smoke would ignite the fire in our eyes
that had long since burned out
we lay on that floor on the balcony till dawn
talking about how
we will never be good enough and
life is pointless
I show her my scars apathetically
nothing effects
me anymore
My bubble cant be burst
surrounded by static
want to scream

yuodont finish jakc at 5 am
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