"s sunshine gait but cough at his aroma. Hospitality is found after all, in parks and in the"
vircapio gale 


hiking new forests
mountain homes of moss and dew
more roots deepen

berries ripe
dot taiga heath--
alien planet

yellow blazing sun
from maine to georgia

pain born hero
in oven boots of blood and pus--
summit breeze

barefoot hiker
calls herself 'FearNot'--
toes enjoy same mud

snake rises up
fangs gleam at water lair
cold spring quenches all

vomit at each view--
water comes in and goes out
like a filter

at waterfalls, swans
alighting air-- noble poise
on the way to sea

gunas intertwine
my sweet mountain hunger paths
bitter taste of bark

sour grass
garnish of an earthen tract
saliva honeyed

strands of spider flight --
i too catch myself making
web after web

"nature loves to hide"
hidden hermit roars of all
strife and fire flux

spider bite at dusk
afterswing of scenting food
shoo the meal away

change becomes the same--
people streams talking pixels
aging static web

symbols set in light
speed of optic living nodes;
clicking finger fibers

websites spin and stick
plastic tropical alphabets
ant waves clean the keys

fueling in process,
living fossils already
drilling seas--on earth

give or take six months,
happy birthday!
two seasons gone


A mountain poet has come to the city, blisters pushing up his toenails. His smile spans 15 blocks of concrete and rebar. Strangers coo to see his sunshine gait but cough at his aroma. Hospitality is found after all, in parks and in the drunken streams from clubs gregarious for midnight novelties.

poet's apology--
not exactly 'myself' to
license gratitude
when time gifts symbols distance--
terror war towers still fall

Emergencies of all sorts force their way into my mind, as I live, sometimes as I write. Ambiguities serve as fulcrum nooks for meanings incompossible to hide, not being ready to share what can't be shared, obscurity offers the ineffable reprieve to be spoken nonetheless.

peering in the word--
sound signs meta symbol
witty sea of loins

property stings
abstract fights to earth
mixing labor

i found a haiku
on my coworker's desk--
where is the frog pond?

dad drinks alone--
photo recalls sunlit leaf
and beer can stare

opining fire false
freezing hearts with argument--
cold spring, winters warm

It is with the love of a child that I write, wincing harder into that self-given 'Indian-Burn' of cathartic fetish and psychological indulge. Where is maturity, and what use is it when faced with endless ground-zeros? Still open to answers, still unwilling to speak plainly or straight about the blanket crookedness and blissful meander that colors life most vividly. I imagine dacrygelosis understood.

thawing pond
creaks in headstand calm--
autumn air released

night's insight pierce
heralds migraine's ease--
gong of moon or sun

on dead wood, against
live trees, hours of sex by
mycelia blooms--
fragrant rot and sweat collide
skin spotted with forest sun

love signs everywhere--
two trunks spiraled
in a yellow wood

vocal awe resung
this is love! this is love!
deep summer fruit

rub of bark                      
vast forest sways across skin
                        naked expanse

"can shock you with their hospitality."
Monica Abigail 

Saturday night strippers
can shock you with their hospitality.
In a place surrounded by naked women,
and their addictions,
I found myself on the bathroom floor
spitting out the poison
that put me in this condition.
In walks the lady of the evening
but I don't remember the meeting.
I remember waking in a bedroom
at 1 pm
surrounded by posters
of half naked men
with muscular bodies
but my location didn't bother me,
it was the lack of human contact
that had me confused.
In the kitchen read a note
"i'm at work,
you're welcome to stay."
so in the mystery house
I stayed
and waited for the hospitable stripper
to come home from work.
She told me how she found me
with a look of concern on her face.
She thought I was an alcoholic.
I don't blame her
because my love for forgetting who I am
out surpasses lots.
Against her better judgement,
she offered me a drink
to make me loosen up.
I argued with her boyfriend
about the Super Bowl,
about how I was manlier than he
but you can't convince a man he's wrong
when the girlfriend is around.
I hopped into her car
and we drove off
to take me to my hell.
"are you safe to go in?
you're a little drunk…"
ignoring the obvious statement,
I turned up the mediocre taste in music.
getting out of the car I thanked her,
told her I wouldn't forget the hospitable stripper
to which she replied,
"I'm one of a kind."
and drove off.

"For gracious hospitality"
Edgar Whitman Wilde 

An entrenchment of truths

That hold forth a funeral table

For gracious hospitality

Of gentle nostalgia

In indulgence of murderous affection

Which manifest adequate

Yet uncomprehending grieving

Ambiguities of advocacy

In their extreams of moralizing warnings

In fleeting appearances who tell bold lies

In the mosaics of enclosed palaces

Presenting bouquet upon bouquet

Of black flowers on this weighted table

Truths that have been deprived of their vein stone

Truths owned to identity of embodiment

Surreal and interchangeable

That resonate in timely dissorder

Like the noise of migrating birds

Flying to the edge of the world

"Such as make malleable a gracious hospitality to murder"
Edgar Whitman Wilde 

What brief utterance this, the color of time

That gives more meaning than language can hold

To force a confrontation between unresolvable contradictions

Such as make malleable a gracious hospitality to murder

And sound trumpets of unwarranted discord

That lie and lament the reputation and experience of damage

Hold forth the envious clouds of displacement

To provide for the vicious energies of hate

Those oppressive weights of past problems

That enactment of intense and exhausting experience

Which embalms the tears of fresh bleeding

Without impediment dictates the human existence

Where the mistress of aggressive thought finds

Extremity of dire mishap a strenuous protest

Leads to well meaning certainty of illusion

And asks, art thou so in love with masks that you

Would transform thyself and as such

Bind a loyalty of angers to thy touch

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