"Watch as the bumblebees sneeze with their noses covered in yellow drea"
Hannah J Chesley 

Rainbows sit high
Imagination glides down their backs
and it scars hearts
after reaching a high, nothing matches that
Missing something now.
The paint, it trickles down and melts eyes
its canvas pain, it paints it gray

To my fickle sea.
Poking holes in wishes you receive
The colors of the bay, they float away
Black and White is an infinite abyss
Lose yourself in the grace of it.
No in between,
just keep your eyes wide
you'll see nothing.
The sand at your feet
The glass and rocks that glaze the earth,
always find a way to cut their grace.
Don't pray too hard for me.

Search through your garden
the size of a thumbtack
the flowers rise over your head.
Trees of candy cane sprout before your eyes
You can't see what another sees,
no one to know what you know.

Taking a step inside an orchids stem
and tip-toeing down through the veins of its petals
the purple and gold
they all bleed through your mind.
Form and shape the world which you dance along,
thoughts of blowing breezes send your thoughts along their way
into this endless sea.

Watch the lines write themselves into darkened corners.
The bright and shining sun could change your world.
Swirling and spiraling staircases send you downwards without a thought,
no stopping the whirl-pool once your slipping under
An octopus would take you in
and with every one of his eight arms he caresses your pain away
showing real effort in his cause

those who impress, settle at unrest

Watch as the berries erupt and bloom
crawl along the lines
mazes of blue
and red know there is no way to succeed.
Watch as the bumblebees sneeze with their noses covered in yellow dreams.
they pack it in with their toes in teams

A great glass lake, to skate along
the ripples
She falls along each crease,
stumbling and tumbling between each droplet.

The clouds fly high above her head,
they gave upon her flowing gown.
They cry sad tears when they see her eyes
drowning her futures in their skies,
flowing and crashing and thrashing

With an umbrella, float away
above the days when everything
turned out wrong.

The great glass lake serves true,
until you skip the rock of inferiority along its reflection.
The shatter will fly all about
That is the point at which it ends
Everything you know is then contradicted and compromised
Your own description shattered

Stones drop from high heights
out of clouds with heavy hearts
waiting to smash this dream.

Great glass lake shines on.

February 7th, 2008
Read well with - The Reluctant Ballerina by Greg Maroney
"that makes you sneeze sparkle streaks."

A princess made of bubbles.
Flowers open to reveal
a world
where the ants congregate.

Light drips and pours                                                            ­                                                                 ­             
little rivers through trees that grow pockets, holding dust                                                             ­                 
that makes you sneeze sparkle streaks.                                                         ­                                                       

Watch out for the grass that looks too green.
It'll tickle your little feet.
The purple fields are much nicer.
As soft as the lime green grizzly who lives in the cave
made of quartz.

Lay down.                                                            ­                                                                 ­                                   
Listen to the song of                                                               ­                                                                 ­                
Kistin.                                                         ­                                                                 ­                                              
The king, the leader.                                                          ­                                                                 ­                   
The buffalo who keeps the peace                                                            ­                                                              
and keeps it all in the pretend.

"came only as a sneeze"
Curtis Whitecarroll 

because the sun
grows less tolerant
of us, and the fingers of cold come
I must drink more coffee before
I venture out to do all these human things
to keep a grip on a job that holds a tighter grip on me

we live in a gentle place,
but in my 13 years here,
even I have found it to be cold
I have lost my mind of winter,
forgive me , Wallace, it stays preserved
like Viking rations in eastern Oregon snow

the entire city froze in
its tracks last week,
the threat of snow that
came only as a sneeze
of sleet,
even the clouds are laughing at us

I qualified as an old man before
people started telling me I was young,
the sky is gray and heavy enough
my joints swell to birthday balloons ,
the back under my skin a stain glass church window
in the evening , I envelop my wife as I am a coat of frost and melancholy

let the outside world be nothing tonight ,
social concerns and scattered responsibilities
sentenced to hang on the coat rack ,
tonight, let there be only the hiss of a space heater
the solidarity of cats and two people who escaped
into the warmth of together,for a few hours more

this was written last winter
"Don’t know what’s making me sneeze"
Vijayalakshmi Harish 

I don’t know what I breathed in
Don’t know what’s making me sneeze
No medicine seems to work
Dear Lord, what a fix I’m in!
I’ve tried washing my face
And blowing my nose
But nothing seems to help
If I let myself I’ll
Curl up in a corner and die
But instead I’ll try
And drown myself in poetry!

-Vijayalakshmi Harish

Copyright © Vijayalakshmi Harish

Have always had a bit of dust allergy, and today I seem to have breathed in something in office that has been troubling me all day!
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