"while untrodden dew"
Fay Slimm 

Stretching and shouldering night away a sun crouches
to birth black's ousting
by one more empty circle of dark's hollowed pouches
then outs in sparkling showers.

Spangled with myriad star-labour unfolding membranes,
like numberless leaves
dreamers listen to soft serenades as the universe favours
lullaby-songs to deep breathing.

Silvered surface shivers with night-eyes as glittery dust
follows with dart-swift
flight each soul's winged journey while murmuring such
mysteries to those sleeping still.

Glimmers on sightless horizon reveal light's celebration
while untrodden dew
newly writhing in close-capped life waits inertia's frame
stirring to shake before rising.

Piercing the brain time's needle regathers worn threads
and remembers that more
sown seed means now-grown grain needs re-collection
in daylight's mind-aware storage.

Open-eyed, naught is over as hinging on less or more,
sun, with slumber done,
now hurries to open the thin partition between yawns
of torpidity to more hours won.

"es, it leaves me with a notice of fresh dew on trees and a smell so sweet that I ca"
Tyler Loeslein 

After plans are made, written on ink on thin paper, then discarded on empty streets, the rain comes. At first the words are merely blurred, but eventually ink runs until the whole page is tinted blue, no words left. And the paper is so wet that one footstep is enough to tear it to shreds, leaving nothing on these empty streets, the ones that i walk to get back home, walking in the rain alone, because you left, the only notice left has run from paper to tiny streams made by falling rain. But you know, it’s okay. I’m used to the rain, and it may be cold and leave me wet but at least when it leaves, it leaves me with a notice of fresh dew on trees and a smell so sweet that I can’t wait until it rains again, the rain…the rain is my friend.

"ess. Grave the depth of night. Become a dew"
Paul S Eifert 

Butterflies kiss the sage, where sun drips off primrose
into mute lily horns who know but cannot say:
This is the day. In yonder Sycamore a cardinal's question
is answered from afar: This is the day. Sleep no more
fields of green. Arise and be heard all who dwell within.
The night has been, has poured out all its darkness like water
onto parched earth that cannot be gathered up again.

When with eyes as good as closed we peered into the night
what stain had we beheld? Was it ink upon our canvass,
dripping from the trees, running on the lawns and fields,
the gardens deep in slumber, staining dark foreboding hills?
"Be thou, " we cried, "a lamp unto our feet, a light unto our eyes."
What then should we have seen who could not see,
or known who could not know, what has once been made,
once beheld, once loved, what was once our own continues still?

This is the day. Let all who have a sound to make proclaim.
From among the pines, from within the thickets come. Let each one
make his song. This is the day. We shall not sleep therein.
Arrogant and proud the night, let all the living cry.  Profound
the darkness. Grave the depth of night. Become a dew
for unction of the lilies who know but cannot say this:
This is the day. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

"A morning dew sits on my dearest rose:"
Donald Guy 

A morning dew sits on my dearest rose:
A shadow of evening's coolness stands still.
How gleeful I'd be to remove that chill—
That accursed blight, I yearn to dispose.
Not in my powers, no warmth from me flows
Not matter the measure of my goodwill.
Only the sunrise this quest shall fulfill
And light, my dear efflorescence expose

Always that morning seems ever unsure,
Yet surely it comes as the world still turns.
Finite be the hours my rose must endure;
Nothing this must be allowed to obscure!
For surely as in the sky our sol burns,
Warmth still exists for my rose to make pure.

                                 ~ D.B. Guy (1990 - )

2007. My first (and at time of this writing only) sonnet.
"morning dew, everywhere"
Steve D'Beard 

Frost underfoot and crisp cold air
morning dew, everywhere
each a crystal pearl
a million drop fruits unfurl
as far as the eye could see
caught precariously
by all the tiny hands
on every flower, fern and tree

a myriad of wonder
nestled here with natures mother
Time is irrelevant
other than the pressing
impatience of Another

To him it was just wet
bathed in ignorance
and bad for driving,
so he said.

I disagreed.
and had to take
the bus instead

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