Donald Guy Nov 2012

I have a name

I have an address;                           & some contact

I am educated
I list working on a degree in your field          June 2012
       And many relevant classes.                            GPA: 3.0kay

I graduated high school with flying colors.       June 2008

I have experience
I've done a few interesting things before:           Various Times
Various Positions, Various Places                                                
* I worked one or two places you might even have heard of.
* I even got work on a product that you probably use.          

My experience isn't that extensive:                  I'm Not That Old
A Personal Project, Various Clubs                                                
* I'm just graduating,                                                      ­                
* How much can you really expect?                                              

I have many skills
I claim to do: some things that you do;                                          
I claim to use: some of the tools that you use.                              

I look pretty much like all the others in this pile:                          
My content is glittering, my formatting pristine,                          

I'm special.
Pick me!

    ­                                            D.B. Guy

_Poems in Autumn_. #1 of 7 .
Nods to John Wieners' The Hotel Wently Poems & William Corbett's course 21W.756 Writing and Reading Poems
"I find my lack of arguing skills in the moment cute."

Let me tell you about myself.
I am a mosquito magnet.
I have little scars of itchy memories all over my scrawny legs.
But I think it means my blood is sacred.
I find my laugh unique and one of a kind.
My walk, resembling more of a bowlegged wobble, allows me to stand out against the crowd.
(My walk isn't that bad, by the way, I was merely exaggerating for stylistic purposes.)
What's more, the fact that I am prone to blushing at even the slightest glance my way is kldjaf;ldjfoiad;htija;ji;ajf.
I love it.
My clumsiness only adds meaning to the moments in which I am fleetingly graceful.
Yes, my posture is rough around the edges,
But it signifies that I have been around the world a few times.
At least I don't jut out my pretty decently sized breasts.
You're welcome.
I find my lack of arguing skills in the moment cute.
My mistakes are adorable, and my obvious flaws are endearing.
The fact I can't kill an ant without showing sympathy is amiable.

If only somebody thought the same way about me.
If only people looked and analyzed others as closely as I do.
They would see.
That way I wouldn't be the only one loving myself. (Or trying to.)

"I have no special skills or discernable talents"
Matt Roberts 

I don't have perfect hair
I'm not 6'2 & 190 pounds
I don't have bright teeth or a six pack
my eyes don't shine through a darkened room
and I'm far from photogenic
I forget more things than I remember
I have no special skills or discernable talents
my skin is pale and full of holes scars and ink
I feel uncomfortable out of place & awkward
in almost almost all social situations
I'm slightly paranoid & always afraid someone somewhere
is judging me
I rarely get anything on the first try & I often lose faith
before I accomplish what I've set out to do
I'm my own toughest critic & believe that
I'm average at best if even that
I may not be all that I'm supposed to be
but I might be everything you may never find
in someone else
so with all of my flaws faults & shortcomings
of which there are many
my heart still beats
and I can still manage
to love you all the same

"To remember such Stubbled Skills I bore"
Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza 

Begging you, Sterling Mentor of the Card
Patient and Calm are your Methods in-check
May I take this Learner to Living afar
Bespoke my Efforts and Services are met
For if I noticed this Lack-of-Command
Married to sane Verbs I try to absorb
Even out of Bounty; Trust be at Hand
To remember such Stubbled Skills I bore
This is an Artist-on-High. That which speaks
With Curried Words much tempting to forget
At expense of Duty is no longer meek
And my Salt's Wager now easy to forget.
Bear me Calm. I can adopt to re-learn
The Blue Eagle's shriek which can eat the Worm.

"Moving forward with traumatic skills"

Sitting comatose lending me visions
Oppression from up under hand
An over ruled emotion bestowed
Across in mass, concrete in weight
As the years go by in voice
Sung low in remembrances sorrow
An for life's shared coincidence  
The tragedies reflected
As power over righteousness
Induced by ego
Reining over machine
As man sells his soul
Taken, an captured his heart
Locking it away
The lessons spread in waves
Throughout generations
Killing ourselves and others
Inflicting pain
like incurable disease
Trapping ones ways
Immobile deep inside their heads
Where they live within images
During life's decline
Passed without prejudice
Showing no quest for reason
Leaving only the human will
In control of his own fate
His strength shown
In how one will survive
Moving forward with traumatic skills
As conciseness speaks in tongue
We become resilient
capable of embodiment
Building character
Throughout periods of life
Till we reach questionable peaks
Heightened to fall
Or steady in strength
Gaining knowledge from wisdom
To letting go within
Loosing faith altogether
Never recognizing its over
Constantly caught in its embrace
Reliving its molded in memories
An guarded from the world
A new horizon in fear of pain
Returning his vision, an wiping my tears
In acknowledgment of universal fear
An standing before him
A million more
Like stones scattered amongst the world
Humanity in tomb
Where many live
Locked in
Searching for the key
In unlocking destiny
Seeking out others
In hopes to find them self

I really hate notes
And assumptions
Inspired by Pink Floyd
"With different people come different skills,"
Mr E 

With different people come different skills,
in the game of life which we all play.
And like a game of chess , each piece,
unique in its own way.

To the smallest pawn to the greatest knight,
each piece reflects who we are inside.
But as one might think a disadvantage is at hand,
that the pawn has not any chance.

With the queen’s strong offense,
and the bishops swift attack,
the pawn’s presence is sadly overlooked.

For many see it as a worthless runt,
only used in the scheme of the king and ignored
until the bitter end.

But in fact the pawn is the most courageous of them all.
The only piece who knows how to charge.
Fearless and brave, it surges forward,
unhesitant and void of fear.
Who won’t retreat when defeat is near.

So who are you? Which one are you?
The decisive knight, the stubborn king,
the blunt rook, the potent queen?
The swift bishop or the valiant pawn?
All of which reflects who we are.

"One piece may be interpreted through skills or hobbies and another with goals."
Nick Durbin 

Somehow I scrounge through these jumbled words in my notebooks and I piece together this puzzle.
When connected it forms some idea of who I am - my brain... my heart...
it personifies my existence, so to speak.
Although, like all puzzles even when put together as a whole to form a landscape or object,
the cracks from the pieces are still present...
Now, from afar people wouldn't notice these cracks -
these blemishes in the photo,
but like a collage when up close, it becomes more evident -
the imperfections become more radiant or profound...
The glue so to speak for this picture of words - this illustration of life would be -
it is those cracks, those blemishes that make a puzzle - a puzzle... and a person - a person.  
Each individual, as everyone knows, has different life experiences, different scars to form different pieces to make up their own unique puzzle.
One piece may be interpreted through skills or hobbies and another with goals.
Each and every second of a persons' life could ultimately be a piece of a puzzle.

"When we all know his leadership skills could use some attention"
Mustafa Mars 

I'm looking down watching what you do
As if i'm Uatu the Watcher
Or maybe I'm controlling you
Like the evil Puppet Master
See you have no control in life
This is my world and I'm just allowin you to live in it
It's like I'm eating up planets with Galactus
And creating chaos with Apocalypse
I'm in control of my actions
Choosing to do wrong
Only to wait until my redemption by the hands of the worthy
You're inside my head like Charles Xavier
Trying to find out my secrets
Only to discover that I keep my mental barriers on lock
With no key or code to unlock
Said passageway into my subconsious
Because I can block you without a helmet
Unlike Juggernaut or Magneto
I'm free to swing around with the good wall crawler known as
Scarlet Spider
And write up my own unique flows with no worries
I don't need the X-men or Avengers
Or my friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
To know that I have some great repsonsibilities on my shoulders
Weighing me down like a ton of bricks
And I don't need someone like Doom
Telling me how to be a leader
When we all know his leadership skills could use some attention
I'm an enigma
Close to what Deadpool would say is
Very unique
Before muttering towards the wall
As if it were his faithful audience
I know who I am
I know what I do
So simply put
I'm freaking awesome

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