"Into the palm of reconciliation"
Paul Rousseau 

Dean and I loitered on iron horseback
Flaked with nuances and peppered with a keen stutter
Our jokes had weight
Weight creates a gravitational pull
Our jokes had a gravitational pull
My clone emerged in the rearview mirror with his girlfriend
Dean and I thought that was funny
They were attracted to us, for once
We got a bite to eat, my head, like a gyroscope
Universal karma
Revolving, self-stabilization
Into the palm of reconciliation
Forced by nature
With interdependence
A means to measure
And counter each sentence

"Reconciliation is for"
Riq Schwartz 

Belief is never sweeter

than to those who can't believe.

Reconciliation is for

those without relief.

Forgiveness comes in times and places
farthest from our expectations.

But ultimately,

we're the ones

who must forgive


Amanda Jerry Apr 2012

My dreams
don't have to occur in a frigid state,
where the wind blows across the Great Lakes and straight through me.

would rather be warm and happy
than cold
and admired


Shrieking birds
front porch disturbance
lilac springtime
much does depend
this sunny

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