"framed in an open quadrilateral,"
Sam Hawkins 

What we have named Fire Escape
(an ordered, angular tangle of ladders and rail)
had made picture geometries in my west window
well-framed and flat--set foreground and background
in two dimensions, as the sun hid,
and my round eye opened.

What we have named Fire Escape
was flaked-paint brown orange, as if
first it had been born of a flame
and then had long taken up living as metal--
tempered itself into usefulness,
which I should trust now, in case of the yelling
and the engines.

What we have named Fire Escape
was happy Jungle Jim or Jungle for Jane
for the sparrows I saw this morning
which flitted and wildly played
within, rising up
arched and back again.

Made of the square pairs of ladder rungs--
a tunnel entrance or ducking posts,
or highway bridges to clear;
the birds like small plane, daredevil pilots
each following each, going under.
No sparrow would ever crash.

And what was this I remember now?
How one bird eased its engine and perched there to stay?
As if to offer me, with a little turn head gesture,
a thank you for the bread I'd left on the sill? Or to say  
I'd better shut the curtain and make my exit?

Either prideful guess gets me nowhere fast.
Failed even is speaking in any sparrow languages
from my recline stuffed chair; again, but now imagined,
to draw beady eyes to fix on me, telling me much less.

That morning, with the last sparrow gone,
I remember that nothing in my sight moved,
save an American flag at a distance in the wind,
with its one red-white striped wing
waving toward the cold north,
as the white church spire,
framed in an open quadrilateral,
held its position.

written and posted a few hours before the Boston Marathon Bombing, Monday April 15th, 2013
"in that quadrilateral"

currently stuck
in that quadrilateral
I'm supposed to be
externally reasoning from

"Quadrilateral stones lead down a worn pathway"

Nestled beneath a cloak of constellations

Cerulean branches sway ominously in unison

Beyond, stands a house shrouded in mystery

Somber silence is heard upon midnight's arrival

Chain of stars encompassing the sky's lunar bell

Quadrilateral stones lead down a worn pathway

Shadows whisper through leaves in the hour of 12

— The End —