"This germ of perfection is meant"
Brujo Alligatore 

A follower
It doesn't know what to do.
This germ of perfection is meant
For a nicer world.
I'm a no good keeper of the spark.
No good at
Figuring out who to trust
Who to serve.

"Gelling our hands to fight the germ war"
Laura Susan Smith 

90 today...you would have reached
This milestone....if it had not been your time.  

Strength to push through had ran out on you
Your 'end of days'.....your personal ordeal
Had caught up and dealt a blow to your wellbeing.

Yet you clung to life for 15 days as I watched
You fade away trying my best to give you what
You needed and keep you safe with your dignity
Intact......in your final hours .

The clinical cocoon became your home, our home
In your 'end of days', where we gathered daily  
At your bedside preventing you from being alone.

Hospital corridors became familiar acquaintances
Gelling our hands to fight the germ war
Testing out the hours to see if they would be
Kind to you and grace you with favours.

We could not change what was meant to be
But we all tried, how we tried, to rally you round
Until you took the decision.....enough was enough.

Your departure broke all ties, you paused whisking
Away your final breath and you.........stopped
Cut free and sailing toward your new destination.

One where we could not follow to hold your hand
Leading the way to ensure your safe arrival.

With the finality of your life's end
You had entered and begun the after life......

It leaves me wondering how you are
If you now know the great secret to......

Your 'end of days'.

"Something went wrong with our germ,"
Dada Olowo Eyo 

But when I saw her my heart danced,
A dance that thumped and jumped,
She was everything my desire wanted,
And more so that my soul daily worshiped;

But the day I saw her with another,
Everything I built was torn asunder,
The man, certainly, was not her brother,
They looked too happy and too warm together;

But what did she want?
We were young, and sure would enjoy heaven's grant,
Yes, I had no job, but certainly not a pissant,
Together, I believed, our lives could be vibrant;

But alas! Conception did not come to term,
Something went wrong with our germ,
She refused to be my gem,
And broke, into pieces, my world's stem.

"Germ said."

Germel had the dead-eye stare like he was

smoke this,
let it
I said.

"You're on it right now,"
Germ said.

But he took a hit.

Germ and I were smoked
and drunk,
we'd been at it
for the last hour.

And over that time,
love had reached
it's middle finger
into my heart.

had pulled the hurt
with a single knuckle
and a single

Sometimes bud

I wanted Germ to be all right,
as I dealt with the tornado

So much pain
on a sunday night,
so much

I wanted to punch
those dumb

I watched Germ puke in the bushes.

I felt awful
because I knew
she'd finally dipped on me,
and that

"your germ sings !"
Third Eye Candy 

bathe your slow gin smile in gossamer moss
an epiphyte
of long miles above thought !
your germ sings !

this love
dilutes proof of plain facts.
the obvious; obscured by the harsh aye of No !
a black white
fiending  for gray
Oatmeal paint

peeling from the  seam of lost moments.

"Altho' we have those afraid to catch a germ."
jeffrey conyers 

Why have two arms?
If you're not willing to hug.
People are quick to punch with two arms.

Even with one arm.
You can deliver a lovin' hug.
It these limps that truly assist us.

Sure there are others.
But at the present.
I'm not mentioning them.

Altho' I'm sure the lips.
Are a little jealous.

Why have two hands?
If you're not willing to use them.
We use them to shake hands.
Altho' we have those afraid to catch a germ.

As if.
They hadn't caught germs from other items in their life.

This hug.
Which can be given with kindness.
Which can be deivered with softness.
Well, in this case.
The receiver might have a sun burn.
Or some other type of injury.

Plus, you can hug too tight.
And be banned from trying that again.
When requested to just shake hands.

Of course.
You have those that does the search and feel.
Trying to be like a detective trying to pat you down.
But for those that's truly sincere.
You personally know those that's sincere.

When giving a hug.

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