Melody W Nov 2012

turning, turning
a white hand on a red curtain
reaches for answers hidden in
rat-infested corporeal tunnels

distant footsteps, heavy
in the forested fog -
cementing this forlorn path
while lovers ignite and part ways

turn around once more
and you’ll see them
trembling bits of stardust
settling on this clearing

turning, turning
the stench of red
quickly making itself known
as all you despise is revealed

Sally Michelle Nov 2012

I’m going to wander away from you,
you, the elephant in my room.

I’m going to sneak out the back door,
A bag of my things thrown over my shoulder.
One day I’ll just keep driving
Instead of stopping where I should,
My house a blur out the window.
And you’ll be all alone.

I’m going to break away from you
the very next time your heavy feet
shakes my home,
breaks my bones,
crushes my spirit.

Unless you trample me first.

"you'll leave it a murderer."

i hate to see you this way.
You are my best friend,
i am yours.

You can't just die.
Dying isn't going to fix you,
or heal you.

i want to help you,
but i can't.

Our lives are so deeply intertwined,
but we are both so broken.

I want to hold you and tell you that
everything is going to be okay,
but the truth is,
it's not.

You say you want to die.
You say no one will care,
no one understands you.

Well, what about me?
We are One. I can feel your heart
pound in my chest. I can also feel as you
tear it to shreds.

So if you die,
what about me?

I will die.
You can't leave the autumn leaves that crunch beneath
Our feet.
You can't vanish from all the photos We took, the memories
We share.


If you leave this world,
you'll leave it a murderer.
because at the moment Your heart stops in
My chest
i will die.

My best friend is going through some tough times, as am i. Together, we are just a mess blood and sorrow. But we are one, she can't leave me no matter how hard she tries.
"One day I'll fucking die, and you'll see."

Why is there so much hate between us?
So much spite.

All we ever do is fight.

I don't know what to do without you,
but you're fine.

You tell lies about me all the time.

I'd do anything for you, you know.
You hate me.

One day I'll fucking die, and you'll see.

Please just stop playing games with my head.
I love you.

That's a lie. Fuck, I wish you were dead.

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