"It doesn't matter"
Pure LOVE 

Left                                                   Right
    ­                        OR
Here                                  ­                There
               We can go any where
Back                                                  Forth­
To                                ­                       Fro
                How far can we go?
Start                                                   Finis­h
Beginning                       ­                   End
                   It doesn't matter
            as long as were friends!!!

"And if out loud it doesn't sound too profound."
April Watson 

I read so much poetry i've started to think in rhymes,
then I start to wonder if i'm good enough to write a few lines.

Always thinking in words that'll get me some kind of verse.
Something that sounds not too predictable and hopefully not rehearsed.

I wonder if it in my head is as good as it is written down.
And if out loud it doesn't sound too profound.

I want to create something that has a hook.
Something that makes you take a second look.

It'll be simple but deep from the heart.
Some one will read it and say "that's fine art".

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