"Lickety split go out on the ropes,"
Aeya Jean Johnson

I am just one fish in the sea,
And a fish out of water at that.
This whole situation,
This whole relationship
Is all Greek to me.
Although some things are a dime in a dozen,
Bring this back to square one for me.
I'm drawing a blank and
You might be barking up the wrong tree.
I'm purposefully beating around the bush,
And you are thinking of the elephant in the room.
I promise I'm not always a goody two-shoes;
I'll go for broke when I'm in a pickle.
The jig is up.
You're on a wild goose chase,
But what am I, chopped liver?
I know my part in this play is
The ugly duckling,
And I'm feeling a little under the weather,
I'm down for the count,
But keep your shirt on and knuckle down,
No ifs, ands, or buts.
Lickety split go out on the ropes,
and I'll put a sock in it if
You quit playing possum.
I'm trying hard not to rain on your party,
But right off the bat,
Doesn't this ring any bells?

Tough it out 'cause there's
Two down, one to go.

Xeric Definition: Very dry
"lockets lickety locked and"
Gigi Tiji

we stumbled
in tattered coats
past shattered windows
in bob-bobbing boats
on creaky rotting docks
over sneaky sharp rickety rocks
with throbbing throats
lockets lickety locked and
pockets purposely blocked but your
mouth is a wide open
crock -
a pot of dribbling bullshit
nonstop drip-drop
dripping droplets devoid of thought
from the chin of your
head -
heavy enough to bring everyone down but inflated enough to keep you floating in the clouds
where the crowds
look like ants with
crushed cans and can'ts
and you can't tell if
I'm alive or dead
but you don't give a fuck
and now you're shit out of luck you
tiptoe on egg shells of
glass ' shattered spells

and I can smell a rat from a mile away but apparently I won't know a brat till they're under my skin and I can feel them crawling

flow of consciousness
"as soon as i can ... lickety quick!"
am i ee

i'm so glad you like the frosted flakers...
my dear, my sweet lass,
i'm a doin my best to clean up my potty moouth...' 

i gotta evicted in have to move to the poor house,
cuz i had to spend all of my money
on soap bars and it it broke me...
gotta clean up my little potty mouth!!!

i can't come back until i make another fortune...
don't cry my sweet love,
i havn't fergottin' you

and i never, never will....

i'll be back..
as soon as i can ... lickety quick!

good night my sweet love,
my moon i gaze at each night
high in the stary heavens above!

p.s.  i like that manly plumber that stopped by to help you out.
we'll all have some fun when i git back... he lookin' like he'd make
a good mate, but for now... i'm a happy that he is yer date...
good night my sweet mate date

i see that this brilliant write which is beginning to rival..that thar Shakes pear neet be put in pome lickety quick! : )) <3

The cat was sitting there licking his balls .
He stops suddenly and looks at me , like for seconds . Then he seems to say , "What? It can happen ."
Then all the boys there are wishing they could lick their balls and they wouldn't have to fool with women . It' a good thing their fathers couldn't .
Mary comes in wearing shorts that shows her clit and a t-shirt so tight her nipples stick way out . Mary had big nipples , the kind a baby could find on any dark night (or horny boyfriend)
Tonight Mary had neither and she was looking for a download from anyone . Uploads would do too . Mary liked to be on top of her game .

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