"internal rhyming"
R Saba 

I shoved that day aside
the moment it started.
Grey skies
with only patches of blue,
internal rhyming
in each casual phrase
that meant more
than at first glance.
There were too many forced alliterations,
too many under-the-breath mutterings
cluttering the belly
of every once-white cloud.
The ground was too hard,
the world shifting
too easily beneath my feet,
and the air was too supple,
too slippery to breathe.
Not just another day;
no catastrophe in sight,
but no rainbow ending either.
And no word from you.

world hinging on an important piece of nothing
"I compose these rhyming insults"
Luke R E Webster 

The water drowns the sky
Obscuring it's face
It's stagnant over time
God clad in lace.

These sentences I'm structuring
Are designed to make you weep
These brain cells that I'm rupturing
Causing anti peace leak.

I compose these rhyming insults
Backwards and inside out
Loathe the Newly found results
That are tested about me around town.
I'm regularly ready to rip off the head
Of the hydra that has spent
The last of it's heads
By sticking out it's neck
Hanging it over the guillotine
To stir in all the gelatine
with the sugar to sweeten up the mix
The lay people on the street are starting to see the fix
The fix we call life
With the knives,
And the scythes,
And the cries,
And the ties,
And the strife,
And to buy,
And to cry,
And to lie,
And to spy

Then to die.

"Rhyming this many words to make a poem takes to"

with lack of motivation
Leading you towards devastation
Favorite song on the radio station
Not really caring about any education
Instead daydreaming with a vivid imagination
Wanting to go on an all inclusive 3 week vacation
Taking a 30 minute break for some much needed meditation
Rhyming this many words to make a poem takes too much dedication
I really did write this so I'll put a personal problem in for some further verification
Thats my poem on Procrastination
Sorry Its Late

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