"the cacophony of the machine"
Tammy Boehm 

If I could speak
I would spill these lamentations
cloistered sins and secrets
whispered vespers for wretched dreams
Retching sentiment
this malignant manifesto
a macabre mantra
eats my skin from within
transient refuge for temporal treasures
inexorable moments carry life away

tick tick tick
the seconds scurry
flurried ineffectual supplications
demigods of affluence
the cacophony of the machine
I spin within
cogniscient of my myopia
the funneled tunnel vision
drips from the end of a pen
furtive verses on paper
fading ochre moments
somber drops of ash and bone
poetic exorcisms
of wicked things unknown

sensibilities trickle
spilling life
black and withering
is the gain worth sacrifice
crackling fat of dreams
too costly
this shallow palette
self obsessed
eyes gouged out
hands shackled
to the reality
the immortality

trust the dust
the dust becomes me
soul focused on decay
spectre death
devouring this unsparked spirit
If I could speak
truth into your heart
would you
in anything more than what you see
I trust the dust and dust will be
the remnant me
TL Boehm

this is admittedly toxic - I'm actually quite normal - because I purge in poetry.
"of cordial cacophony."

Muffin milks the tiny teet
of a tête-à-tête torn
apart by warring factions.
slowly spitting the purple plum
dribbling, oozing
over the convex lips
which kissed and kissed.

Cream juices the cocky caucuses
of cordial cacophony.
Moist middlers meddle amidst
businesses of their own interest.

Power is power better bear than
bottom but everyone is fucked.
Lap the ego from the firehose,
the giant member of the state
spraying like a cat claiming "mine!"

Hellbound, hell no he'll save us
everything is going to shit.
One man job to make us come
out of the 17th hole sand pit
of our pernicious premier club membership.

Politics can be a big circlejerk
"Juggled in a crass cacophony so shrieky,"
Era Tangar 

Flickering lights, a pause of the dark.
botched up kohl, a spot on her chin
an ironic beauty mark.
She just  lay there, dummy dead..
Juggled in a crass cacophony so shrieky,
as if nothing was ever left unsaid.

Her red tinged lips clasp the stick of joy...
it, like a new bride, so crisp and coy.
a rush so sweet..
the feel to feel it forever.

The pain evaporates..
the soul levitates..
the sins are forgotten..
a bizarre psyche evolve to take a path less trotten.

The world stands against her ..
She doesn't belong to it anyway,
a sight of it is blur to her.
In that moment. .. she belongs to her soul.
like diamonds belong to coal.
the scorchy sun don’t matter..
the night sky, just colorless with a flecky mole.

Let her lie in her limitless peace.
let that nothingness never cease.
let that brutality bestowed upon her lay low for a while...
invincible. . . let high be the highness, let her smile.

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