"eve stories and waited for mother to be happy"
olivia grace

we were just small children so we didn’t quite understand what father meant when he said

“mother is sad”

we continued our games and make believe stories and waited for mother to be happy

and when we were young, sad just meant someone stepped on your picture

or they ruined your sand castle

and in 2 seconds it was over

the deeper I fall into my depression I find my mother
I find her ghouls and her ghosts
her corpses

I find her dark eyes in my dark eyes every time I look in the mirror
and I find her hatred for everything, including me

I find new ways to torture myself
my mother

“you have your mothers eyes”

we also have the same disease

the only difference is, her demons won
mine don’t stand a chance

"and I am happy again....."
Samantha Homann

My innocence is gone
I am alone...but not broken.

I was thrown into the darkest place imaginable
when you betrayed me.
At first I was empty...
but you leaving has given me a second chance at the happiness i deserve.

I am alive again
and I am stronger than before.

I don't have to pretend anymore
or be afraid of what you think.
I am better off without you,
though it took long enough for me to realize it

The dawn of my life is here,
and I am happy again.....

I finally have a choice.

"Everyone is happy, no more thoughts of depression"
Magregor Hyde

The subjection of one’s interjections
Based on the world
The world of today
Can you change what you think
What others have to say

Were interconnected but not in connection
With a convection of perfection that inhibits rejection
Or constant correction of certain parts or sections
That people fail to mention for their own protection
Believing a misconception to gain desired affection
Wasting their discretion for a false obsession
Thoughts of concession and encouraging suppression
This is just one dissection of perfection
It is but one path, one direction
But this should lead to many other questions

What about succession from the term perfection?
Is it needed to drive people to higher ascension?
Maybe one day society can undergo a social resurrection
Where creed, religion, race, freedom are not held in contention
No more crimes, no need for detention
Everyone is happy, no more thoughts of depression
Everyone can be comfortable with their own reflection

Hopefully this dissection can leave a lasting impression
And drive home the need for a universal intervention
To stop and think what it means strive for perfection
For you may have it wrong upon further inspection

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