"all my dreams are shattering"

Waiting here, waiting here for you
watiing here, waiting here for you
waiting here for you
speak your voice
speak your voice
her heart is pounding out loud
speak your voice
anxiety running through me
I can't work anymore
all I can think of is you
all I can think of is you

Should i stay?
Chaining myself to old age
Saying things that would
make you hurt
and pull you down

I don't know what it means
you sending me to Egypt
you sending me to Egypt

Lost and alone-
confused by love

oh the moments
we had
soft and tender like the branches
we had

oh the moments
we had
soft soft
and had
oh lover
sweet heart

Is this the end?
Is this the end?

You said it was for everyone
you were in love
taken with that
so was I
so was I

father, father
you love for me
makes me have to stand tall
make me reach up high and achieve
and achieve

I have no idea
what you feel

I can be cruel
and I fail

Trying to force that which won't happen

Fail failing
I will move forward
but he gave me nothing
nothing at all

Hard to tell sometimes
between the professional and personal life
and how I am laid low and
all my dreams are shattering
and I am cold
I am cold

You will be fine.

Who has not be laid low by love?

Curving balls,

And pain which I cry to God,
take this away
its out of control
the pain is racing through me
angry angry womb
and I got to the bath and the labour pains are intense
and I my new self is being born
and my new self is being born
out of the rubble
out of hell
and now I am floating here
open here

"From the darkness dreams come out"
Mhmd elHalwani 

Creeping voices in the night
Shadows lurking out of sight
Haunt me till the morning's light
No sleeping for me tonight

Looking at my bedroom door
My feet barely touch the floor
Something whispers down my core
Something that I can't ignore

Melted candles in my hand
Things I would not understand
My hope slips away like sand
This was not what I had planned

Slowly walking down the stairs
Feel a breeze sweep through my hair
Shadows lurk; in silence stare
Naked thoughts are all I wear

Out of breath I walk outside
Shaking fear that builds inside
No more places left to hide
Guilty thoughts of mine collide

Drenched in coward's blood and fear
I lost those who I held dear
It's all blurred, nothing is clear
Shadows from my past appear

As the silence speaks to me
Gets too loud it deafens me
My past will not leave me be
Pain and torment I foresee

Dazed and drawn by these lost souls
Broken thoughts I can't control
Ghosts slip through this gaping hole
Darkness has taken its toll

From the darkness dreams come out
Nightmares flailing all about
Closing in, I hear them shout
It's the end, I have no doubt

"What the hell is it you want?"
They retreat and me they taunt
One emerges, tall and gaunt
"Your life we will no more haunt."

"You have paid for your wrongdoing,"
He tells me, his voice booming
"This is now your redeeming
You are free." he says smiling

I look at the rising sun
I no longer have to run
My sentence is served and done
The ghosts have finally gone.

"longer nights have escaped me; silken dreams"
Melody W 

longer nights have escaped me; silken dreams
hover silently over sleepy terraces build from
obsidian stone and pale quartz - travesty
all along the corridor; crescendoing whispers
vex and taunt, sweeping the hearth bare
then shadowing crevices with moonshine
elven fingers, movement quick, change unnoticed
even as the morning intrudes once more

"much like their silent runaway dreams…"
Melody W 

Melancholy days stretch
their spindly fingers, silently
grasping and uprooting
these vain contextual processes-
even as seaweed hair clings to rock
and the semiotic tides weep below

Hush now and they’ll appear
in unwavering moonlight
prospective fishermen (mere boys, really)
casting heavy nets into the sea,
much like their silent runaway dreams…
a multitude of iridescent scales escaping
yet oddly transforming into
the vast unknown

"pervade hallowed dreams"
Melody W 

Silent falling leaves,
months in increments of three,
pervade hallowed dreams

as nine weathered suns,
watchful occupants of Time,
linger in our midst

No footprints remain,
for we do not exist in
this abandoned field

©MW, stanzas comprised of pseudo-haiku
"existing only in our dreams"
Melody W 

Patterns of childhood emerge
as a forgotten splinter -
curious, distorted drolly

In the cool of the day,
we walked through fields
existing only in our dreams

No cry of birds nor distant hum
of languid bees upon new buds
met our ears, yet we felt no alarm

And when our feet pressed
soft indentations upon
rust-colored earth, we knew

the air would be
perfumed with more than
fleeting citrus notes

"Obsidian lullabies and faraway dreams become"
Melody W 

Troubled waters met with broken land tug
Heartstrings that tremulously threaten to unravel;
Existence on this dwindling planet is but a mere whisper that
Rustles these complex restraints,
Ever silent in their longings

In the end, what will we have to grasp
Save for these elusive phantom wills?

Aventurine stones are cast into the sea
Lovers still sing of devastating intersections of torment and desire
While children, their quiet eyes unwavering
Ache for the comforts of home and sturdy perennials that
Yield more than the first fruits of
Sorrow and catastrophe

Hold tightly to one another, while murmurs of
Obsidian lullabies and faraway dreams become
Perpetual fragments carried away by the wind; this
Ending is not truly the end.

©MW, acrostics
"of these cement dreams"
Melody W 

she picks her way through the rubble
skipping barefoot down the black cement road
past the dilapidated house of childhood
still suspended in a  forlorn dream

the sudden onset of callous pleas
an unheard requiem that plagues all else
cascades with a sharp echoing cry
down her unfeeling back

silently, the dissatisfied corpses
of these cement dreams
paling in the acerbic light
turn their backs to the cold

and awaken once more.

"takes root amid these broken eggshell dreams"
Melody W 

gray pallor shadowing your countenance
is all that I remember of that fateful night, yet

somewhere in the distance, past the old church
bellowing mournful hymns and aching visions

a lark's call, mournful and sweetly echoing
through leafless trees abound with secrets

settles into the weighted soil of my heart
takes root amid these broken eggshell dreams

one final plea - join me in this obscurity -escapes
your silent lips like tears from your unseeing eyes

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