"Gossip of couples that just got together"
Alyssa O 

Thoughts, hopes, dreams
My deepest secrets hidden forever
A place to put my soul's desires
My heart bound up in leather

A journal full of heartbreak
Gossip of couples that just got together
Drama, crushes, and unfair teachers
My heart bound up in leather

Pages filled with independence
No longer being kept on a tether
Life's journey down in writing
My heart bound up in leather

"They will be spoon fed celebrity gossip by news channels"
Mia Lee 

Society will plant my children with bias in their happy meals
And racism on their lunch trays.
They’ll nourish them with plastic wrapped anorexia and name it Barbie
They’ll grow to see that a real man looks like GI Joe.
They will be spoon fed celebrity gossip by news channels
And given alcoholism through their headphones
Until they’re ripe with ordinance
And ready to be harvested

"Lies, gossip, and nothing are all causes of friendsh"
Agnis Lynota 

Growing up, I've watched everything around me shrink.
My imagination, my hopes and my dreams can now fit in the palm of my hand.
Where as before, they overflowed the universe.
I've witnessed fights within my family that caused me to never see them again.
and I've witnessed deaths among people I thought I couldn't breath without,
both of these things resulted in my family shrinking..
Some of the same unacknowledged strangers that I pass by everyday
are the same people who I knew more than I knew myself.
Lies, gossip, and nothing are all causes of friendships to shrink.
I cared so much for everything and everyone around me.
but after being hurt, lied to, and hated, my care only shrunk.
I used to be healthy and my breathing was fine,
but now, I drink/smoke and the seconds in between each breath is shrinking.
I had so much innocence, and so much to smile about,
but now my innocence and the reasons are almost microscopic.
My anticipation for everything is now shrinking,
because I now hate change due to personal experiences.
It seems as if all of my toys shrunk, and all go my clothes too.
Wait, I just realized everything isn't shrinking, I'm just growing.
I guess all I can do is keep growing along with my body and memories.
because Neverland is only a place for those with an imagination.

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