"The ones who stayed chained to the corporation"
Tommy Johnson 

The slaves of their passion built this pyramid
But now there’s no sign of civilization
But ancient artifact have been found
The great migration to the underground

I look at the hieroglyphics on the wall
It’s an epic story oh I’ve seen it all
This place was taken by industry
Powered by fame and the illusion of money

They perverted the artist’s proud, heartfelt ways
Forced the true artists out for the ones who stayed
They create things that sound the same to us
Dropped their talent sold their souls to business

Lost their land to a cult of executives
So now they put out songs without messages
There puppets without any ideals
But it’s amazing for album sales

They were tempted by the glorious pop charts
Every follower goes by the formula
Produce garbage without connection
With no real emotion or expression

Their distorted auto tuned emptiness
All to be on TV and in magazines
Want exposure to be recognized
Their careers won’t fade they were never alive

This place raped, robbed lied to n even forgotten
The ones who stayed chained to the corporation
Not for the sake of art but for the money
Lack of feeling and effort plain to see

The slaves of their passion built this pyramid
But now there’s no sign of civilization
But ancient artifact have been found
The great migration to the underground

Can’t understand what their saying
Fan base is alienated
Rather be an icon than a star
The space between performer and audience grows more and more

So the true artists have left n disappeared
They’ve been out of sight for many many years
There somewhere where you don’t need to be in style
Might not find them at the left of the dial

No they don’t care about TV or radio
They just want to make something with all their soul
They are all now opposed to the fame
Crossing their fingers it won’t be the next craze

But today we still have the artifacts
Amazing and impressive sounds of the past
Better than the sell outs we all know
Talent, determination, originality flow

The slaves of their passion built this pyramid
But now there’s no sign of civilization
But ancient artifact have been found
The great migration to the underground

Someone poisoned the main stream
So now it’s the same to me
Did I read the hieroglyphics wrong I don’t know?
But it was the rise, fall and return of rock n roll

Micheal Wolf May 2014

Inch worm, inch worm can't measure marigolds
Because a firm owns them and the tape measure.
They own the soil, the land and water, we have no stake anymore.
0ne firm own the water, how is that so?
Is soylent green closer than we know

"Seedy corporation,"
M Violante 

I’ve summed up the equation for my isolation
It's People who look up, look down, left and right
Desperate for information
We never looked inside for much needed inspiration
We lead a life of impulsive behavior mixed with preoccupation for our own reputation
I've lost toleration for the weak minded population
Individual thoughts slowly decay and eventually cut off circulation
Sending thoughts on permanent vacation, worthy of respiration, ideas now suffer suffocation
If this is my "generation"
I’d rather live in hibernation
You can take this as retaliation
I just don’t understand why we seek gratification for having no imagination?
I swear,
It’s like the world around me is nothing more Than telecommunication
Different voices yet the same conversation
Broad interpretation leaves room for destructive domination
Shedding uniqueness for trendy consolidation
Who the fuck do you think you are? a star?
You're no constellation
You expel no illumination
Your personality is a narrow cultivation of
Seedy corporation,
Media publication,
And lack of moral stabilization
Let me give you clarification
Meditation is my detonation
Put words in your mouth before you die of starvation
We all have a fixation on giving into temptation
Putting ourselves in situations were
Passion is stimulation,
Trust is manipulation and
Love is penetration
Pour out your heartache in perspiration
After ejaculation we expect a standing ovation
Sex is nothing more than sensation
....are we lost beyond the point of navigation?

"plex world starts with a good amount of corporation"
Hal Loyd Denton 

Roots of Harmonny
The old mill stood still
It didn’t have the will
To do its job to fulfill
The grain waits until
The water hits the wheel
Then the grain to grist
Richest flower will exist
Bread of comfort it will list
The family it brings power not mist
The community is raised and broadened
The earth is strengthened nothing deadened
Just because man and the land befriended
The soil made it rich with gifts when not left unintended
A complex world starts with a good amount of corporation
Sun and rain and mans labor burst as grand emotion
Every part rest under the wonderful bounty without question
The barns the granary are bursting now what marvelous sensation
Rest all you that have labored enjoy the fruits without tribulation

"Stamp down on the trappings of work and corporation"

Stamp down on the trappings of work and corporation
As so much country clay at a swinging gate
Ignore the protestations
You do not trespass

Look out instead at new fields
In a new light
And in a new day

"And unless you donate to our corporation,"

Churches crying for attention,
Preachers point towards crowds.
"Sinners, all of you!
Repent, or go to Hell!"

Scared sheep scattered to find sanction,
In the so called holy land.
Attempts to please their God,
Explosions of passion everywhere.

People now divided,
Weaker than before.
But at least we know it's bad now,
To fuck many whores.

Generals in the clouds,
Divide and conquer they all say.
I'll take the west you take the east,
Let's each make up some crazy names.

We'll tell the living a lie,
To keep them all in line.
Follow the instruction manual,
Or they'll all burn underground!

Get them to fear their master,
Make them beg for his forgiveness.
We truly are sadist,
For how much we enjoy your pain from our power.

Yes, everything is your fault,
And unless you donate to our corporation,
Than you can bye bye to all of your present and past family,
Because your going to burn in damnation.  

We'll make puppets of people,
To spread our word.
Which will create an opposite group,
Who we can put the blame on!

Scare the world to purge evil,
Fight hundreds of wars.
Just men waiting for a happy death,
All of which we can offer door to door.

"Like if you like Jesus, don't like if you like Satan."...really?
Andrew Wenson 

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