"The horizon promises much hardship"

The sun rose on me
On the African Continent
On the north west territory
Where beauty meets torment

Dry unforgiving harsh land
Where the sun is King in its mighty light
Bathed by an ocean of shifting sand
Offering an infinite burning sight

Relentless wind, hot and strong
Constantly blowing with a hollow sound
Shaping the Desert's callous character
Invisible merciless powerful master

A Boundless sky, vast & deeply blue
Witness the retched souls & the subdued
Through thirsty lips whispering mercy too
Drinking from a tenacious source of fortitude

The horizon promises much hardship
Scorching heat & tests of faith
The element's forceful grip
Until you may face your very own wraith

Tarfaya & Smara, my waking world
Desolate wastelands where silence thrives
Sandstorms are born here to whirl & twirl
Existence suspended in time, engulfing all lives

I miss the stars filled sky, in the cold of night
Promises of Edens amongst enduring times
Justifying every pains to be worth a fight
Forging dreams in the night's paradigm

"Hardship, heartache"
Katie Jacobs 

Stop messing with my feelings
Stop playing with my head
Some things are better said
But, most things are better left

When I write poems in mass
I feel like they're not enough
Like people get sick of em'
Like "gosh Sarah, shut up."

I like reading poems
That boys write about girls.
When they share their world,
It's like I wanna share the word.

I write about boys,
Hardship, heartache
I write about love, like, hate.
I write about friends, foes, fakes.

Forget I ever said anything,
the words slip from my mouth
I'm running low, I'm running out
I have too little confidence, too much doubt.

This started off weird,
About him,
About Anderson
But now it's different.

I like it.

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