"eft but monoxide to toxify the bonds of brotherhood"
Muggle Ginger 

My big brother has always been a hero in my eyes
His actions were misleading, sort of in disguise
But I looked to him for the path to walk
Even before the days when I learned to talk

We were just kids, we would stay up late
Talking about our problems and all the people we used to “hate”
But as time went by, as if in the beat of a heart
We found ourselves in worlds; different and apart

The things he did and all the people he knew
Were of no use for me to actually get a clue
Begging for help, without ever saying a word
Makes it hard for your little brother to know your pain

Like the haze of smoke, we got caught coughing, trying to breath
But the oxygen was gone from the brother’s past
Nothing left but monoxide to toxify the bonds of brotherhood
We separated to two separate countries, how it was always supposed to be

But it was exactly different than it should have been
My brother is a hero for he showed me what not to do
He showed me who’s not cool – by being their friend
He helped me set my life on its proper way

So my brother I want to say,
You’re my unexpected hero.

"Bufalino brotherhood born for bloodshed"
Saul Makabim 

When you paint houses
bring your little brother
Hoffa couldn't keep his mouth shut
Mannlicher Carcano carbines
cleave off
the tops of skulls
Cosa Nostra prove
The idiocy of convertibles
Pretty boy politicians
sprayed across Jackie's face
Kennedy never should have rocked the boat
Bufalino brotherhood born for bloodshed
Irishman knows that
.32 goes in but doesn't come back out
Turning grey matter into brain sauce pudding
Hoffa couldn't keep his mouth shut
Got what he wanted
kept demanding more
Stupid Sicilian stooges get sliced up in pork store backrooms
limbs spread to the four corners of Michigan
Irishman painted his house
Hoffa couldn't keep his mouth shut

"we will speak of peace and brotherhood"

We will make a lot of promises
then we will forget them

we will speak of peace and brotherhood
then send more troops

we will make resolutions to stop smoking
while the world burns

we will feel the effects of our decisions
then blame someone else

we will say "what would Jesus do"
then do what the devil would do

we will talk of our mistakes in the past
then continue destroying the future
when that ball drops, we will drop the ball

"And crown thy good with brotherhood"
Roger Turner - Poet 

America, the beautiful...

do you see what I see?

A country stuck on life support

A dead economy?

America, America...

.please take a breath for me

Ford, GM and Chrysler

Are no longer the big three

Our plants are closed

Our dollar sucks

the Dow Jones is joke

Our people can't afford to live

Our dreams went up in smoke

America, America

You'll come back once again

But now you're flat upon your back

On an eight count out of ten

Your soldiers fight, For what is right

On shores so far away

There's battles that need fighting though

Inside the USA

America, America

Please get up off your knees

Most of what we buy from you

Is made by the chinese

Your country has come back before

We're sure that you'll be fine

Recovery won't happen fast

Your eight count's up to nine

America, America

Before they count you out

Stand up and yell

without a doubt

We'll triumph once again.

We'd love to hear Kate Smith once more

Sing out about how great

America can be agian, Before it is too late

America, America

God Shed his Grace on Thee

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From Sea to Shining Sea.

"Voices of brotherhood remembered,"
Christine Ueri 


. . .  Have Mercy . . .

Rest, rest, rest, for ye be none,
pitiful Fallen One.

Quivering bows flow over grave strings
bassoons and basset horns ring
pounding timpani’s announce:
Master of the Holy Choir
- -  Renounced - -
Vain, fluttering heart
sublimely denounced, scorned;
fouled, ousted:

Wailing strings, bassoons,
basset horns, thundering kettle drums
lift angelic voices to glorious requiem.
Pleas for Eternal Light’s remain
in wings refrain.
Heavenly Chorus' cradle to sustain,
mercy to soften

The Holy Oracle contests --
to no avail.
Siblings’ choir protests.
Beauty beyond measure,
Angel of pure, Divine tessitura,
Absolution for Thee?

Foretellers of dark illusion
open Holy Scriptures to reveal
the drone of Eternal Damnation:
trumpets of ill
drag Thee to Hell.

Deep, ephemeral rhythms
exalt dancing strings,
seal destinies -- Kiss The Almighty King.
Glory be unto His Majestic Reign,
Will Supreme,
Powerful, Holy Being.

Scribes record,
recite this dreadful day,
condemn Thee: Fallen One.
trumpets lament, strings mock
this unholy, forbidden way.
Bows flutter -- a memoir
of redemption.

Cries of confusion
into muffled choirs,
of deliverance.
Delicate chants
beg for forgiveness;
a Soul’s salvation, fusion.
To no avail!

Turbulent strings strike the Holy Duel
in wrath, writhing hatred,
majestic wings tumble --
twist to wrenched thrust.

Death devours, Birth becomes
the Fallen One.

Angelic dissolution --
distraught, agonized Ethereal,
Eternally beautify
these ghostly, trembling
winds, strings, harpsichord, drums.
Voices of brotherhood remembered,
cushion Angel’s earthly descent.
Breathe into infantile genius
heavenly symphonies
to sweeten a life
trapped, scorned,

Love of God: Amadé


Inspired by Mozart's Requiem.
"Oh brotherhood of humanity!"
marcus pendergraft 

There is a comforting thought in the community of others,
The revelation of freedom dwelling in the shared thoughts and feeling of our people always seems to comfort the soul,
Humanity is sharing, is coming together, is the light of new conversation and ideas,
Is confessing experience and thought,
Among the suspension of reason that each new word brings we somehow find ourselves,
We are liberated, and yes even justified in the raw testimony of our convictions.
I am human, our words say,
I am here beside you in time, our very presence screams at the witnesses of our being,
And Yes! I too have seen this reality and am willing to speak the personal truths of my existence!
Oh brotherhood of humanity!
I am! and I know no other way to be!

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