"It is with child’s eyes that I peer at"
Melody W 

It is with child’s eyes that I peer at
this unfolding world before me -
these hidden revelations
trace concrete patterns
into the abstract

In the cool of the day, we resort
to formal names;
brevity in jest eludes us

(How quiet this amorphous state
between the awakening
and the deadened!)

January winds conjure up a cloud
of rare, lenticular nature -
while your eyes remain closed,
my eyes become accustomed
to unforgiving truths.

"you peer at and are peered at"
Melody W 

Stationed at odd waiting steads,
figures traipsing along endless coast

you peer at and are peered at
through flimsy facades, wringing

hands pressing temples, knotted
hands that have caressed the untouchable

vast scenery, blurring greens and reds until -
an abrupt disconnect, and you are no longer seen…

to be forgotten is unrealized bliss,
a lone heron one with the skyline at last

"peer through a darkened veil"
Anon C 

So used to being alone
afraid not to be
it is part of me now
how does one step outside
peer through a darkened veil
one that has so long clouded their vision
fear striking every part of their being
for stepping outside this veil can be painful
giving yourself over completely
for the world to tear you to pieces
is that so wise a decision
or shall I continue to hide and trust
in the loneliness that has made me who I am
dark, comforting, yet painful
I know it so well
my oldest friend, loneliness
you have become a part of my soul
what would it be to lose you

"Peer through striations clouding clouds and"
Kyle Kulseth 

Snowdrifts piling up
as brain melts down to zero sum
Not sure, now, what functions become
but, sure enough, what's piled high
          in streets will become flood

Slide past corners
wash away
These torrents still insistent shakes
The quaking stops, now reach the sea
and rock on shifting waves.

Peer through striations clouding clouds and
Soak into liquid, reach the bottom
                  grasp the floor
Handfuls of silt melt out through wrinkling digits
Withered faces, pickled organs: zero sum

Trickle down through strata--
read the layers
peel them back
Then, at the core, can settle down.

"Stop to peer in,"
Travis Barefoot 

Stop to peer in,
black hole,
dank air rises.
Is that dark water below or words of babble?
Heard her before,
dusky voice from Pall Malls aplenty,
whisper names in unison with wind;
blowing up now, I hear her still.

I was here before, when she fell,
a falling without a splash, sound of nothing.
Heard her then…hear her now.

“I love you anyway,” echoes in my head.

69 words, no more, no less.
"I peer into the eyes of uncertainty loss an hu"
That Girl 

Another ordinary day
Or so seems from the
Outside I portray
I'm so content on the outside
While my whole inside is
Dark and grey
My enemies reflect magnify
And measure my flaws
My friends are hurting from the pain that cancers cause
It's not just one
It's so many building up
It's time to fix all this
I've had enough

I try to take matters
Into my own hands
Refuse to listen to
Gods perfect plan
I try to perfect my self
Craving for escape
And when I cave in
It's not even worth the taste
The numbers don't match up
And this is getting tough
It's all these things inside me
All bottling up
I've got to fix this all
It's getting so rough

I peer into the eyes of uncertainty loss an hurt
I try to stay open
when others slam you out
I can see what your going through
I know what hurt is all about
I want to show who
Is helping me
But when I'm falling fast
What example can I be
Fix this please!

No one getting any sleep
Im losing fire inside of me
I need some oxygen
I need to breathe

You're losing hope again
The smiles are just pretend
You need a rescuer
You need to be set free

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