"Monogamy is bullshit"
AJ Cox 

How can I fall out of favor
With your
Soulful need
For me
And my own selfish need for you
I mean
Tomorrow night
I may be with something more productive
(Like my thoughts and dreams)
But there is a destructive
Force inside of these
Pressuring  this unforgivable union
Of sorts
I mean
Monogamy is bullshit
Right up there with altruism
But then there is you and I.
Is it just the two of us,
That can defy the laws of
Rational reason, logic aside?
yes, I feel as though it must…be
so here is my ode
to a bottle of ’03 Bordeaux.

"the black monogamy"
Anna Lo 

Leave the horror here
go to a knotty hill.
We can fall amongst the lush gardens
staring at
the black monogamy
to find the gold bits.
Let us drink champagne and toast
virtuous sin in this white light, but
allow our eyes and lips and hands speak our emotions
or of what is left of it.
We are what we are,
yes we are.

"h the torrential down pour of hot faced monogamy"
Mitchell Duran 

History shook their robes off in the dawn morning
Couldn't see through the slits of their eyes
Boots were scuffed from the night before
Inside their guts were swirling only wanting to die

Not here for here is a place I didn't ask to be
You continue to preach what it is to be free
But I ask for freedom in the bottom of every coffee cup
And form fakes its orgasm just to make the sup

Now with the hurried hormones of the Market street tag liners
And the secretary suckers phones set to every minute of a timer
I ask to beware the moment when time decides to stop
And we are forced to look at ourselves feet to top

Maybe we'll see a pair of eyes beautiful and bountiful
Maybe we'll see lips long, crowned, and curved
Maybe we'll run in horror for the blazing hills
Or maybe we'll see nothing and be right on our way

I try to explain that I know nothing of this world or the next
I'm a young man that don't even know how to handle a text
A sister of ten and a cat of nineteen
Born and bred to be dead some call me fiend

Though sight is night and the clouds are my eyes
My touch on her back is the only reason I can cry
Terror in the streets as I beat my head against the wall
I crawl like a baby to the nearest bar only to stall

Fast trashed not an act till the fall of the curtains tail
I've been to the hole and seen the mystery of the swirl
Touched the innocence of sympathy
Caressed the edge of ruthlessness tongue

Tonight either I choose to live in the haze
Or I admit that the problem is just getting made
These words forget themselves when they are on the page (for they are just words)
Coming from a hand that cannot believe the world can be saved

Ghosts of electricity, muses of misfit mongrels
Unleash the purity you once used to abuse
Cruise the streets with your white teeth glaring out
Grip your lady close if she begins to cry and pout

Not tonight dear moon I didn't choose to be blue
Once I smiled for what in the pictures seemed like miles
At times I feel it the cheer maybe through the beer
At times at times but most of the time I fake to be fine

Cringe by the hinge of a rusty buckle belt
Hangs from the clouds and their tools
A rhythm of forbearance tonight my sight is gone
I shake as I live and live as I'm ashamed to take

Meaning, oh meaning, where have you gone so far away?
Weight of a world living in the history of force fed happiness
A revolution of human conscious expanding expanding
Now the lunar has landed and 2012 is sitting here stranded

To the future, to the moon, nit your sutures, learn all soon!
Left behind, WHO CARES!, we are humans, we are rare!
Not a doubt in my mind the animal still rests
In the brush on fire my grandma's broke liftin' a tire

Tipping point
Balancing nude, snail like, quivering with gelatin like uncertainty
A smile produced from a child sticking their tongue out at you
Rain on a tombstone with no name
Covering someone that wished they never had been seen

Shame so far as the stars do shine their white light
Where thought forgets you starting its own sight
The muse chases through the thickets of times eternal reeds
Like a butterfly with a thousand wings
Like an angel that speaks as they sing
As we speak
We sing
As we live through the torrential down pour of hot faced monogamy
I remember when I saw the grass grow through my fingers
Through my toes
Up to my nose
A child to be born alive a child to be born young
I hold my tongue as the sun streaks through my face
And my pace
My pace
Is a test of my endurance
For life is but a one man race

"for monogamy,"
Victor Thorn 

approximately forty forked tongues
made love to my ego yesterday
for envy,
and in this way they paid me
my overdue reparations.
i'm cool with that, bro.
what else you have for me?

exactly five tickling fingers
graced the nape of my neck today
for boredom,
for monogamy,
and in this way the human finds
that he's been human all this time.
fine with me, miss forbidden.
tell me, what's next on the agenda?
what conquests await me
just inside Freedom's gate?

two eyes for fifteen-odd-something teenage girls
gets to be confusing,
it's better than the day-after-day,
quicksand whirlpool of
"oh, i wonder what's on the one-track telly today?"
and only getting some advertisement for
quote unquote
"fucking miraculous" Axe body spray.

Copyright May 2011 by Victor Thorn
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