"the rain pelting down upon us"
Melody W 

Remember not the decay,
the cruel face of cold shunning
embers ceaselessly illuminating circularity -
by this time next Spring,
a completion of the
first increment of three
measuring your absence;
the rain pelting down upon us
shan’t amount to these
tired whispers of re-unity;
instead we command this moment,
healing ourselves to complete the cycle.

"tribulations unceasingly rain down on you in a loveless effort to"
Melody W 

tribulations unceasingly rain down on you in a loveless effort to
attack and break your aching body; yet grains of sand and truth
begin to take roots in the depths of your gentle soul,
in turn becoming tiny pearls, glorious in their minuscule splendor

"indeterminate, unpredictable as rain"
Melody W 

Categorizing these emotions is
as fruitless and unsatisfying
as dislocating sounds

All elements are fluid, shifting;
blurred beyond recognition
this furious synergy of molecules

you stumble across, but never quite grasp
all dimensions of this vast
abstract acoustic environment

flourishing with uncultivated sounds
struggling to make themselves known
indeterminate, unpredictable as rain

"ent of inner sky is the brightest ever, rain light"
K Balachandran 

Hear each body cell speaking zen to the next one
result of self oblivious meditation opening-
numerous effulgent channels to sources of light in universe;
the meaning of the epithet, "jewel in the lotus" becomes evident,
body becomes all eyes and ears like that of a martial art expert's  in combat
(remember the chants immortal, the Guru's gift
that roused the coiled serpent  1)
soul, the essence, is liberated from all bonds,
limiting cycles of birth and death
stars on the firmament of inner sky is the brightest ever, rain light
"Aum" the cosmic hum, resounds sonorously  in the core of consciousness
life and death are words without any meaning in this state
liberation could never be expressed in words or by any other means
a never changing quietude dawns,  existence moves to a limitless space-
beyond dream in deep sleep and further to the realm of mysterious.
Existence becomes a reality eternal, beyond the three dimensional space
that state is an experience, now a moment is a millennium ,
gently slips in to cosmic consciousness, that swirls to envelop

1coiled serpent--"Kundalini" the serpent power of limitless creativity, that lies coiled at the base chakra (loins)
"Unfeeling rain."
Laura Robin 

The apparition of these faces in the crowd;
Faces without name, faces without purpose
Faces that are just like my own.
I watch the decrepit, old man
Standing, waiting for a train to nowhere
Wandering through the rest of his days
Like every second
Is his

The children playing there don’t know it yet.
Soon they will -- their weary mothers do.
Every day, growing older.
Every day, growing colder.
Every day, realizing our fate.

The tracks are wet from the cold,
Unfeeling rain.
The rain, which pours from the
Infinite sky,
[Of which we will all soon belong]
Floods the streets and earth
[Of which we will all soon belong]
The drops dismantle the delicate flowers surrounding us...


Our days dwindle as such.

One day
We will all be these
Petals on a wet, black bough.

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