"Shadows lurking out of sight"
Mhmd elHalwani 

Creeping voices in the night
Shadows lurking out of sight
Haunt me till the morning's light
No sleeping for me tonight

Looking at my bedroom door
My feet barely touch the floor
Something whispers down my core
Something that I can't ignore

Melted candles in my hand
Things I would not understand
My hope slips away like sand
This was not what I had planned

Slowly walking down the stairs
Feel a breeze sweep through my hair
Shadows lurk; in silence stare
Naked thoughts are all I wear

Out of breath I walk outside
Shaking fear that builds inside
No more places left to hide
Guilty thoughts of mine collide

Drenched in coward's blood and fear
I lost those who I held dear
It's all blurred, nothing is clear
Shadows from my past appear

As the silence speaks to me
Gets too loud it deafens me
My past will not leave me be
Pain and torment I foresee

Dazed and drawn by these lost souls
Broken thoughts I can't control
Ghosts slip through this gaping hole
Darkness has taken its toll

From the darkness dreams come out
Nightmares flailing all about
Closing in, I hear them shout
It's the end, I have no doubt

"What the hell is it you want?"
They retreat and me they taunt
One emerges, tall and gaunt
"Your life we will no more haunt."

"You have paid for your wrongdoing,"
He tells me, his voice booming
"This is now your redeeming
You are free." he says smiling

I look at the rising sun
I no longer have to run
My sentence is served and done
The ghosts have finally gone.

"and disappears from sight,"
Melody W 

Knotted in odd places,
like spines of ancients,
the result of wisdom accumulated
yet unequally distributed

But no beauty lies in uniformity

So they continue to grow,
feeding from oblivion and pulsing with life,
rooted in still waters, yet aspiring for heights unseen.
The slow growth of these skeletal soldiers,
echoing the most minuscule of movements,

Awakens fluidity from her sleep

Yawning off silent energy
that reverberates throughout
this cold pond,
and entices brilliantly colored koi
to congregate at the surface,
mouths gaping open with eagerness,
delighted at the prospect of nourishment -
while all around, the night awaits,
trembling with anticipation,
releasing delicate aromas of jasmine;

Easily overlooked, yet lingering in one's subconscious

And the last drops of fragrant jasmine tea will evaporate,
revealing the pale, moon-like center
of porcelain teacup -
a glaring reminder
that when fluidity changes its course
and disappears from sight,
one is forced to gaze down at one's own reflection

And become reacquainted with mortality

"rs and tricked my last with no treat in sight."
Elizabeth mikol 

At almost 18 I'm alone and it's shone in the empty rooms now taunting me.
There is no one left to help me through.
I've used up all my favors and tricked my last with no treat in sight.
Now I stand no one in hand, loosing grip and forgetting the tip of every thought ever shared with me.
I'm forced to fight without a friend in sight , but if I lose just remember you knew this war was winning and I was sinking and did nothing but egg it on.

Sick, goodbye, friends, birthday, thoughts,
"and smiled at the sight"
andy fardell 

This misty grey day
Looked back at me
and smiled at the sight
See my reddened brown eyes

Joy in my head
As my neck suffered another
crashed out night
On my pillow made of lead

Toss to the turn as the sleep monster says
"no sleep for you boy awaken the dead"
Awaken the dead ? I thought
As my head lolled around
Thoughts of another night
Lost to no sound

Aches to my bones as I shudder the sleep
Fall at my side
Fall as a heap
Sleep please forgive me as I bid you farewell
Another day started
My living
My hell

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