"and the portal to infinity slowly opens,"
Melody W 

Above the surface of the cerulean waters
an oval of light, oblong and lean hovers
suspended in time, longing for an accumulation
of meaning without truly being;

Coursing through this vast expanse of space
surrounded by silent floating sea creatures
this spectacle of illumination glows with faint longing

Suddenly, the pale orb flickers, hypnotizing
as it crashes down, breaking the smooth mirror of water
into a million deflected light particles

In that one moment time stands still
and the portal to infinity slowly opens,
as a new meaning is born
forced into being from
beneath the waves.

"sailing away to the possibilities of infinity."
Tyler Loeslein 

Land Ho! Yet I refuse to go onshore,
not a step off the boat and onto the dock,
due the the ticking of some inner clock,
telling me that it’s already time to leave,
And If I stop and think, it leads me to believe,
that maybe hearing the clock tick is why I can’t commit,
And when it comes down to it, it really makes sense,
Because when my restless soul is constantly pulling me away, it can’t work,
So don’t ask me to stay or we’ll both get hurt,
Instead, I choose to never drop my anchor,
But when you find a girl who will, thank her,
for giving up the adventurous seas,
where, when you look on the horizon, you’ll always find me,
sailing away to the possibilities of infinity.

"I envy the existence of infinity,"
Tyler Loeslein 

I envy the existence of infinity,
For me, a limitless world seems free,
Free to be anything i want to be.
Forever in your reach, no need for a key,
Because you can’t lock up infinity.
It promises things so wonderfully, infinity.
things like always, for you and me,
But it’s not just for we, but he, and she,
And anyone really, that wants to be,
part of the vast thing called infinity.
I want an imagination full of infinity,
Where i dive deep into the sea,
Swim for weeks, no need to breathe,
Or I’ll make the air you breathe, a tree,
Water, land, anything, everything, is infinity.
I love you…for…infinity.
A sideways eight so you can see,
Just how much you mean to me.
A game lacking the need for a referee,
Our love will last infinity.

"Of endless infinity"
Travis Cox 

Take my love for granted.
It's what I have in abundance
and freely give to you.
Keep in mind
I love deep.
Deeper than seas or
The vacuum of space

My love is a vein of silver
Buried in the earth
Like all things deep and vast
There comes a Conqueror
To destroy the illusion
Of endless infinity

Take my love for granted
I will always give it out.
Remember that I'm still a man
With a fragile heart.

"in infinity infinities of unexplored ocean evade, o"
Logan M Glover 

                                 Even if the storm does cease, And in
                            your heart there lies in rapture, hope
                that next time with strength increase, we
             take torrential rains and winds disaster, live
                      to cast them off our hearts crusade, without
                       eyes wide open don't see the shore, the fear
in infinity infinities of unexplored ocean evade, of
                              who to trust I know no more. limitation.

"Tales of infinity."
Ashley Kay 

I wonder if they know
I turned them into poetry
Like the pumpkins in cinderella
At the tick of midnight they become
Tales of infinity.

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