"Of my monogamous thoughts of you."
Ronald Ryan Carrasca 

Parking lots are empty

Streets dragging the sun in silence.

But my mind and heart do their labor

Remaining to be occupied by you.

See me singing and dancing on the floor

But maybe hear me make no sound.

In here to fill the space of uncertainty,

Urgency passes by in short notice.

Waiting calls from men of need

Disregarding what made sacred to this day.

Just like how you stole my soul of reasons

I’m buying back with my spirit of trust.

Clocks of the World in perpetual ticking,

Golden Cat catching luck hovering in the air.

I’m wanting to break the monotony

Of my monogamous thoughts of you.

Wishing for a holiday, of short eclipses in the afternoon;

Yet you outshine them all in my darkest hours.

Sad truth, you don’t send me flowers at work,

Or love notes to cheer me up in the morning.

All I have is your sweet memory for comfort

Written in a thousand forms without end.

Just like the butterfly outside the window,

Kissing the redolent mark left by the wind.

Unspoken promise had my wings

Flutter to where heaven was embedded.

My chest and stomach brimming of your taste,

I search for respite that never comes.

Should I trace it downstairs instead,

Where I perhaps find you waiting for me?

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"There are certain dualities to monogamous promises"
Kida Price 

The mirror's reflection looked away from me today.
She knew my secret and my shame...
Even now I thought I could hide it from her.
There are certain dualities to monogamous promises
Because emotions are never made just for one.
If I knew I would have loved him then I would have hated him first.
If I knew I would hurt him...then I would have killed him before I could.
I've traced all my steps back into a wall.
The path that was there before has been blocked by my own hand.
I built it with every lie and every truth about myself,
And yet I stand dumbfounded at the choice I am to make.
I'm panting and wild eyed for an escape
And my captors are threatening for an answer.
Both breathing fantasies and lives that I want to see
And all they get from me is a choke.
A stammer.
A stutter of a choice made but not thought through.
I give them both each hand to have but the joke is on me...
Basic anatomy only gave me one heart.
And them as well.
They both gave theirs to me and now I'm overly supplied
And worrying over them spoiling if I leave them out too long.
Then I think to myself of a prose well said,
"Get thee to a nunnery."
And like a coward, I flee.

"monogamous monotone monotheistic **chicken sandwic"
Victor Thorn 

Deny it; it makes no difference:
the American government pitches its deceitful realtor-reality to the world:
flaunting our flag as the banner of the free, but avoiding
our faults and failures as a country.
“Oh yes! We’re rollin’ in the (borrowed) bucks!
We’re a proud superpower capable of chaos; calamity!”
Well, kudos on your catastrophes: we all know it’s a hollow show.

See, we’re slaves to China, bound by China’s chains
to billions of dollars, the deficit deepening daily.
And who’s to blame?
“Not I!” says the Democrat.
“Not I!” says the Republican.
“Not I” say I, but we
weaved our financial woes together.
It’s not stupidity; if we could see into the future, we’d be shakin’ our money makers.
But have you seen the current fiscal guillotine
whose blade looms low and approaching our throats?
Oh, irony of ironies: the American government isn’t free.
Oh mah gee.
Freak out!
Calm down...
Forbes informs me that federal spending spurs private sector growth.
But when fifty-four thousand buckaroos from you
and you
and you
and me too is just enough
to cover Congress’ butt until the dimwits there do another... (insert something dumb),
it’s time to draw the line.

And time to erase lines previously drawn:
George Washington warned us once before:
“...the common and continual mischiefs of [political] parties are sufficient to make it the... duty of a wise people to discourage... it.”
Yet here we are: the media’s reporting majority wars
that serve only to sail us further offshore from Pristine America
and a time when things really seemed to matter, especially when they did.
Deny it; it doesn’t matter; it doesn’t change
our chances of escaping another Cuban
Crisis. If we waged World
                                            Three, what would we
thing: debate, procrastinate, our fate
a fragile plaything fought over
by infantile, full-grown fanatics who never quite phased out of high school debate.
They never learned to lose, and so they play the inane blame game,
I say quite frankly: gurl. Dat cray-cray.

Dear Democracy, when will my words hold water?
When will the weight of a rainbow OREO or a
monogamous monotone monotheistic chicken sandwich
on my guilty conscience be lifted?
Must I muster a hungry lackluster life in the land of opportunity
to oppose tyranny
and uphold justice? I turned eighteen last December,
but for as long as I can remember
I’ve been voting with the dollar bill, my ballot
traveling through the bloodstream, fueling the body of big business, who fuel the daring charities, who fuel their bills in congress.

Democracy, do you know me?

For this faux-democratic nation where the population waits for the government to lay itself to waste, the Founding Fathers sob, disgraced.
                                                       Oh, God Bless America!
the nation where when faced with any
[man, woman, child, intersex, genderqueer, etc.] who dares defile the status quo,
accept the stigma like a crown of thorns, on top of all the scorn
                                                                    We The People
donate millions to “charities” who dare to speak for
the meek and mild. John chapter eight, verses one through eight:
he drew a
fine line in the
sand, man:
it’s where your rights end and mine begin. Irony, irony: they are as good as
For this faux-democratic nation where the population waits for the government to lay itself to waste, the Founding Fathers sob, disgraced.

I have days.
"where there is trust and safety in a monogamous relationship."

do they really feel the way
                            they say
                            they do
when they say "I love you"
                            lovers words
                            lovers eyes,
soulful gaze expecting you,
         while respecting you,
                              to undo inhibitions,
a zoo,
unfettered, no be still, my beating heart,
      this may be too much, walk the fence
without falling into the wild monkey
cage with pillows and four poster dreams,
walk the line, be sure to be dressed in black,
oh caught in a fantasy NO!, escape to reality,
      where there is trust and safety in a monogamous relationship.


Threw Johnny Cash under the bus.  Para phrase Queen
"the monogamous relationship,"
Anubis the Philosomancer 

I wish to disambiguate
to explicate; expanciate:

I do not begrudge polyamory,
and whatever Love entails
to any particular person,
for I once was polyamorous;
I understand some of the ways
in which polyamory can work.

Usually when single,
or otherwise in an open relationship.

I also do not begrudge sluttiness;
everyone needs some
and some can't resist.
Besides, it is noble
to work such charity.

Who am I,
who once sought such charity,
to demonize it?
who have lusts
and desires?

I do,
take grievous offense
to One in a relationship
who tells their partner
they're soulmates
and who,
instead of agreeing to end
the monogamous relationship,
goes and sleeps around
and cheats on their "soulmate",
moreover if over and over.

It's hard to cope with such deep hurt,
and I wish to convey my apologies
for my rash hybridized expressions
of Anger, Frustration and Hubris.

Perhaps it perturbs me so
simply because it reminds me
of who I once could be and was.

Perhaps it irks me so
because I'm envious.

Polyamory is not a Sin;
but before you just go fuck someone
at least be single or in an open relationship;

it isn't only you
who is affected
by your choices,
and I know
that's hard to see
when you are so young.

Don't hold back
who you really are,
but please;
don't cheat others
in the process.

Not only is Karma a bitch,
but so can Retribution be;
you never know
what One
capable of;

the next time
you cheat someone
they may not fall back
on mere words;

A few more years
in this World
may teach you
that such Anarchy
doth go both ways,
my dear;

Vigilante Justice knows few bounds:

Don't take too many chances
when it comes to who you fuck, nor
when it comes to who you fuck over.

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