"eyes that knew only darkness, suddenly yearn for truth"
Melody W 

Swift were the winds that carried you to me,
enveloping a solemn vow meant only for our ears;
collision of the softest sort, silent energy
reverberating through paths I had forgotten…
eyes that knew only darkness, suddenly yearn for truth
to penetrate as the pale half-light through spindly trees -
shall we follow our visions then, darling, or the path before us?

"and snails knew not the essence of salt"
Melody W 

She could scarcely believe that a year
had passed, spent in stagnant mire
garnished with forgotten breaths

The flimsy laminated menu
detailing sophisticated cuisine
promised escape, escape!

“Escargot“ enticed, whispered
coyly of a fragrant symphony
certain to yield only satisfaction

She assessed the china dish before her,
lifted tiny garish spoon to take in
tenderness afloat in rich garlic pools -

And could only picture the quiet garden
where innocence was never questioned…
and snails knew not the essence of salt

"rust-colored earth, we knew"
Melody W 

Patterns of childhood emerge
as a forgotten splinter -
curious, distorted drolly

In the cool of the day,
we walked through fields
existing only in our dreams

No cry of birds nor distant hum
of languid bees upon new buds
met our ears, yet we felt no alarm

And when our feet pressed
soft indentations upon
rust-colored earth, we knew

the air would be
perfumed with more than
fleeting citrus notes

"when all you knew was"
Melody W 

Do memories exist from a time
when all you knew was
the warm fluid-filled sac that you were immersed in?

Suspended and trapped,
buoyant like boneless jellyfish,
oblivious to the planetary spin,
or anything, really,
beyond this transparent world
protecting all that is precious

Your tiny ears,
inundated with the
constant drone of a steady pulse (your own)

And yet -

Somewhere in the distance
a single tune,
a strange sweet melody
pure, but diluted
floats down upon your tiny being
grasping tendrils of neurons,
rooting itself in the unknowns of your subconscious,
content not knowing restraint

Only to come back to life,
ignited by -

Anything, really.

"I wonder if she knew with her gift my life would burst."
April Watson 

You can call me Ella because i'm enchanted by you.
The way you are and the things that you do.
You never see anything you don't want to.
I wonder if you're enchanted too.

You can call me Ella because i'm cursed.
But the magic here is a spell that can't be reversed.
I'd like to ask my fairy god mother if she knows she gave me the worst.
I wonder if she knew with her gift my life would burst.

You can call me Ella because I live in a fairytale.
Waiting for my prince to come and love to prevail.
I wonder when my fairytale will fall.
Because there's no such thing after all.

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