"A beautiful catastrophe."

You bring the gasoline
I'll bring the matches.
Douse this place until it's drenched
No one will know the mess we've made.

Dancing in the flames
With the Devil by our side.
Playing in the fire
Melting hand in hand.

You bring the guns
I'll bring the bullets.
Like the cowboys of old
Draw in three, two, one...

Nothing but coldness
Wet blood on our hands.
I'd say you're to blame
But both triggers were pulled.

Lets drink this poison
Toxic waste in our veins.
Heart pumping venom
Racing through our bodies.

Look at this mess.
Our disaster.
A beautiful catastrophe.

"perfect, or beautiful, even."

there were boys who told me
"you are perfect"
and they lied, for no one is,
and there were those who said
"I love you"
too soon.
there were boys who made me
promises --
mostly of forever,
promises I knew they could not keep
and I was never naive enough
to believe them.
I believe in you, because
you never promised me
much of anything
(except for breakfast
or a ride to the airport)
and you never called me
perfect, or beautiful, even.
you just looked at me
and smiled and said
"you are enough"
and meant it.

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