"by the thickets of sweet fruit"
Melody W 

August arrived too early this year,
eager eyes and straight pleats
tethered to the sleepy confusion
of a disrupted midday siesta

It was the end of cherry season
yet they kept bursting forth,
firm to the touch and cool,
unyielding - not unlike you

When distant bells were heard,
I didn't turn my head one bit,
tangled, so entranced was I
by the thickets of sweet fruit

A waning year upon us again,
the moon chided me softly
as I turned my face away,
ashamed at my reflection

"a strange sweet melody"
Melody W 

Do memories exist from a time
when all you knew was
the warm fluid-filled sac that you were immersed in?

Suspended and trapped,
buoyant like boneless jellyfish,
oblivious to the planetary spin,
or anything, really,
beyond this transparent world
protecting all that is precious

Your tiny ears,
inundated with the
constant drone of a steady pulse (your own)

And yet -

Somewhere in the distance
a single tune,
a strange sweet melody
pure, but diluted
floats down upon your tiny being
grasping tendrils of neurons,
rooting itself in the unknowns of your subconscious,
content not knowing restraint

Only to come back to life,
ignited by -

Anything, really.

"Who surely thought our embraces sweet."
Sally Michelle 

High-school kisses came easy
In the morning on the bus
Next to his red locker
Ignoring the reprimands of teachers,
Who surely thought our embraces sweet.
And when we’d skip class
We’d spend the day intertwined in secret
Beneath his bed sheets on that futon mattress.
Then conversation spilled with fervor from our mouths,
Knowing we’d never run out of things to say.
And now, years later,
We have silent conversations
Like plants who know,
Through chemicals carried on the wind,
What their neighbors are thinking.
This morning when he kissed me,
I smelled a familiar fragrance
Between pricks of stubble on his cheek.
Beneath his soap
That smells of cloves,
Was a scent
Like morning,
Like easy love,
Like yearning,
That reminded me of high-school kisses.

I have never considered myself a poet. Well, that isn't true. I did in high school, but I am certain every high school pupil with a pen thinks they are a poet. My best friend is a very talented poet and author, and she inspired me to take a stab at it. I mainly focus on fiction authorship, which you can read about on my blog. :)

This poem was written in honor of my fifth anniversary to my husband. I am a young wife and mother who's been with her high school sweetheart for nine years.
"In my ear he'll whisper sweet nothings and desire."
April Watson 

He calls himself Peter Pan and he's looking for a new Neverland.
I feel him watching me thinking that I can't see.
But the shadow that he can never quite catch always winks at me when he leaves.

I turn to sneak a peak but I always find he's already looking at me.
I wonder how one can be young for eternity.
Wouldn't it get rather lonely?

I saw him again and he finally said "hello."
It was timid and shy but on the inside he's wild.
I couldn't help myself from my toothy smile.
There was nothing to say but "It took you a while."

We are going strong Peter and I.
In my ear he'll whisper sweet nothings and desire.
I'll just smile and kiss his pink lips.
Because what's left to be desired when you live eternally fighting pirate ships.

This is my first one, yes it's a little cheesy.
"You say I'm sweet"

And I knew when we started
Just how toxic we were to be
And said fuck it anyways
I never was one to say no to an

And I'm sure
You're not thinking about me
And I'm positive
I'm not the only girl
That you see

You say I'm sweet
You say I'm a pain
You call me funny
Well, you call me every day

And I knew when we started
Just how screwed up we were to be
And said fuck it anyways
I never was one to say no to an

I was never one to say no to an adventure
Well, I was never one to say no
To you, or to anybody.

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