"They *do* care about me"
Glayz Welch 

In the moon and the sky
You take your life, so I risk mine
They're all so worried
They try to talk to me
I do not answer
But they can see
I'm in pain
Not sure exactly what I need
I hate myself they all hate me
After a while
I realize
They do care about me
It's okay to just grieve

I wrote this in residential treatment
"and care not when my lungs threaten"
Melody W 

And come Springtime, I will be gone
having flown away with the last sparrows
still cradling October winds, hearing not
the desolate sky that still chastises us,

What have you done?

But here in this stone-echoed fortress
I pause now, carve tallies with dull instruments
and care not when my lungs threaten
to cease their movement, fallen soldiers of old

A gleam of a smile,
carrying the briefest of stories
from ages ago, and aeons away

you shall not know,
you shall not know

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