"Now dependant upon cross pollination in greenhouse environment"
Micheal Wolf 

Take egg, invite sperm
Mix for five minutes to two hours
Dependant on assistant
Feed at about body temperature
After 9 months or a little sooner if needed
Your childling will be ready to pot out
Decorate in nice new clothes and feed
After 5 years place in greenhouse with others
Come back in about 12 years
It will be totally unrecognizable to what you started with
Now dependant upon cross pollination in greenhouse environment
You may have unwanted seedlings of its own popping up!!!
So choice of greenhouse at an early stage is essential
If that doesn't present a blight they are now hardy enough to plant out!!!

She is a flower
And I am a honeybee
Nuzzling her petals

"tten seep into the curious mind fertile pollination lightly brushes inquisitive petals from"
Hal Loyd Denton 

Power of a Picture

Little girl from a place far away in the world do you know that you are a part of forever you stare so intently does it mean you are one who sees beyond the common bonds of your home. The field is small the house barely marks the world you hold a emblem of wood covered with art from your culture it is in the form of a cross is this meant as a grave marker to one that you have lost. Or is it the touch stone you use to contact the Great Spirit that lives in the mountains and valleys. They speak of such places on the earth where the raw power exerts such force as you open yourself mystery and reality come into focus its only a deep valley a barren land a high mountain but in these climes as in no other the vestiges of the long forgotten seep into the curious mind fertile pollination lightly brushes inquisitive petals from this small impetus ever wider do the rings expand from just the single tossing of a small stone.

The wise know a road that seems to wound aimlessly through the heather across the moors its reach spans the globe it is home in the Gobie as well as the great cultured cities that as diamonds shine with brightest thoughts words to ignite the mind of the seekers. To all who make a purposeful sojourn from humble villages to the ends of the earth? The mind has no equal problems its meat with digestion then the course altered it is fixed it answers only those who believe there is rich and soulful meaning to the world no matter how cold and brutal the abrasive veneer may appear can this life be less than the total of the wonders to be found in every vale and sun drenched corner that has had the greatest evidence of the divine because there is found the foot prints of man. Whether Redeemed or not together the world and man are intertwined by glorious holy design.

What a great world you are part of we would be incomplete without you, a small unknown stream somewhere will join the great Euphrates or the unending Amazon or the sweet tender flow of the Brazos but all are an integral part of a larger whole dust was thought to be nothing then the dust bowl happened Steinbeck immortalized this tragic upheaval in the Grapes Of Wrath. So thanks little one you speak a lot with your eyes of innocence.

"Divine pollination needed for character unchecked"
Hal Loyd Denton 


Blindly walk away carelessly forming a separate destiny
What heart hasn’t been broken from loss?
Nothing but these remain a certainty
Transitory lives and times
This tension ever exists
Security rock solid always will be buffeted by change
Fate continuously at odds with calm calculated reason always set to resist
Dark doubts the heart will pierce
Fear puts able thoughts in chains
The mind enslaved death enshrined
Who hasn’t known this cruel master’s reign?
Held fast as by a strait jacket useless to fight
Heartless people consumed by deadness
In the midst of laughter lies a specter
Decency and safety shifts treachery always at readiness
Impossible innocence shocked blood covers the land
There is no freedom dealt by mortal man
This race and special gift angels sift
Divine pollination needed for character unchecked
Grace everywhere at once without a trace of its origin
The face noble the heart captured perfect gladness
The rock of offence removed
Stiff necked pillar of rebellion finally moved
Paths now sweet a life hid discreet
The waters calm the breeze a balm
Thoughts unbridled burning intense
Arrows of gold feathers of silver
Blessed be the nation who finds God to be their anchor

Stolen in tact the passion, that field now lacks
No boundaries, this weight is lifted off my back
Running fast on the tracks

In the cracks of my skin crawls the experimental
Paranormal treasures for your plunder
Nose in the pheromones  

Will your molecules react?
Love is chemical.

The spirit of life hides in the flowers
That I jacked, just to give to you, pretty girl...

So maybe you'll be defenseless
To my emotions I wish to unpack

Oh there you are..
This is yours.

Science + Love = Sexy
Collette Abatta Oct 2011

The bad seed  ::  takes root  ::  roots extend ::  in the head  ::  A constant branching  ::  budding bursting ::  away  ::  and away  ::  and away  ::  roots branch and extend  ::  The Holy Schism  ::  Mother's breast  ::  bisected  ::  salt and milk  ::  curdle  ::  then settle  ::  into the nine creamy layers of Hell  ::  roots extend  ::  bury into Her pith  ::  bisected  ::  a honeysuckle rut  ::  Mother screams  ::  a poisonous  ::  foam  ::  spraying Her wither around  ::  killing  ::  the sacred cow  ::  ::  ::  there  ::  there She is  ::  the pretty blight  ::  the slit  ::  in the stem pursed tight  ::  down lower  ::  over two hills  ::  to a black and blue lagoon  ::  Mother in bloom  ::  Her putrid flower  ::  slaps open sloppy  ::  wide ::  open ::  for osmosis  ::  for curdled spore spew  ::  sucking flaccid  ::  with lips and teeth

"into an ecstasy of pollination."
Don Brenner 

The most sexual colors
exist in flowers.
In orange lily
and white crocus petals,
colors that arouse insects
into an ecstasy of pollination.

Have you ever seen a bee
make love to the pistil
and stamen,
or see a bee dance on anthers
as light as it's buzz?

I once saw a field of sun flowers
never take their eyes off the sun
while a weightless hummingbird
kissed each one on the stigma
with eyes fixed on the yellow
of the flower it loved
for just a moment.

"Excellent at pollination"
Brass Knuckles Mike 

Somewhere there is a bee
Excellent at pollination
If a little aggressive.
Someday this bee will sting
And will find out the irony
That he is allergic to me.

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