Sarah Writes Jan 2014

That’s alright baby, tie me down to this familiar ground
Say you wanna grow a garden
In my old backyard, dig
Say you wanna be my man, all I got to do is forgive
It’s alright baby, ain’t nothin' new
I been hidin' under the same rocks you're throwin' for most my life
Cursed to carry a love like yours, I can’t be sorry
For the bruises on my hide
Better at drinkin' than forgivin', better at walkin' than your lovin',
Babe I can’t be sorry though I miss you still
I hear you been doin' well
Hear you’re runnin' fine
Put those strong hands to good use, quit throwin' pebbles at my house
You and me just can’t be friends
It’s alright, baby
It ain’t nothin' new
I’ve still got my pretty blue dresses, still got whiskey kisses
And I can’t be sorry no more, so
I’m gonna bury my thoughts of you, dig
My own damn garden

"no longer entranced by the mellow song"
Melody W 

Sullen branches snake around,
ensnaring this putrid temple once more,
no longer entranced by the mellow song
reverberating from the deep hollows

I cut just below the dotted lines
to preserve sanity - disrupted order
fleeing like a thief ashamed at forgetting
his mother's name in the failing light

These watchmen await, unseeing eyes
grown cold with a film that no amount
of purifying ritual could ever restore,
much like the panels of unforgiving night

Ah, the travesty of resolute desire
hidden under terrible, heavy cloaks
of the most peculiar kind!
Forlorn threads still hang
from the bare branches
of a love worn thin.

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