"Stars refuse to shine when you're out at nigh"
Amelia Crake 

Seize the day. Life is short, eat dessert first.
Don't let the fear of failure hold you back.
Take what's yours. With no regrets, quench your thirst.
Don't give up, you'll never stay on track.
The marrow is yours, so suck it all out.
People say the dumbest shit to you.
Never let them silence you, always shout!
Remember, to yourself, you must be true.
Inside and out, you're beautiful to me.
Stars refuse to shine when you're out at night.
Today will show who you're supposed to be.
Refuse to let them take away your light.
I've held you close for far too long, my dove.
No more wasting time, do the things you love!

This is the poem I was talking about in the letter you haven't read yet but you don't know that, do you?
"Some things resemble stars"
Katherine Rose Wolf 

Some things resemble stars
    they glow
                  and shine
and light the way for others through the darkness

multitudes admire
              but only from afar
beauty burns too brightly when people stand too close

and we know that the brightest starts are those that are dead
                           or dying

Our lives are like stars
         in the end we hope they guide others on their way
maybe as simple warning signs of our mistakes
      and the curse of shining too brightly is that we will burn those the closest to us
but to rightly live means our end is only the beginning

Copyright © 2016 Katherine Rose Wolf All Rights Reserved
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