"I'm the snake your the charmer"
Victoria Jennings 

My knight in black armor
But I am no princess
I'm the snake your the charmer
I'm so wrapped in your sound
For eternity we'll be bound
I am your love slave
It's always me you save
With your love and affection
You shelter me with your tender protection
In my eyes I see no flaws only perfection
You rescue me
And I just wish you could see
How badly I want you
Forever and eternity.

Haven't rhymed in sooo long sorry its bad.
"You think you're such a charmer."
Eliza Jane 

You think you're such a charmer.
Winning over every girl who is silly enough to look you in the eyes.
Not me, good sir.
Your alluring kindness may be utterly dreamy for most,
I can see why.
You are too easily loved and too quickly gone.
Good sir, you are accepting and manage to wheedle your way past every wall,
You are a credit to the male species,
But, good sir, I am not falling for your charm,
Not this time.

"Me and the charmer; I wonder, was he once a frog?"

With those acid wash jeans
With that full sleeve of twirling black ink
With the drapes of long hair
I thought that we could leave the xplosion-club
After the confection of colognes
After the South African red wine
After the pounding music all night
Something sexy about
A statue that can move
It's eyes
Something sexy about
A man that thinks

We took the subway back to my apartment
You picked up a pebble and tossed it
I was quieter now
Would I let him inside? I have to at this point it seems
A charming prince
is a charming prince

I open the door.
Nothing bad happens, as I expect
I am a little paranoid I don't know why
(The club flashes back)
The door closes without its usual creek,
And we're inside.
Me and the charmer; I wonder, was he once a frog?
I have a funny feeling that I think came from the wine
Am I trashed or
Does he have horns?
Slimy toadskin, red eyes, 1000 inches of claws
Are upon me, Oh my God!
I tell it to leave mE ALONE,
It doesn't listen to me.

Every time I try to slip out of it's grip
I slide into a claw
Gushing this stuff from the movies,
It covered the bed and then the floor,
It probably leaked out from under the apartment door.

My cellphone rings in my pants pocket
I can't reach it because by then this grendel thing had broken me
Into two legs, a torso, two arms
And a decapitated head
While it eats my right lung, my left hand tries to desperately crawl away
He pokes it with a great fork; no escaping crums
The awful amphibian finishes and leaves forever.
He's never coming back
A winner-and-loser kind of sex, I guess.

I know that Grendel is typically a monster imagined as a hairy beast. But I wanted to name my morphing amphibian Grendel.
"arder and harder for your humor. What a charmer you were."
Katie Jacobs 

And our song comes on. For a split second my heart drops an inch or two
but I catch myself because I'm done falling for the shit you pull.
Truth is, I miss it when you could make happy because
boy, could you make me smile.

Every time we talked on the phone,
I felt like I fell harder and harder for your humor. What a charmer you were.
Could be that you remind me of my father, and that took me down a
deep, untraveled path for me. It was scary.

So I ended it. Tears of true sadness and what I thought was regret streamed heavily down my
face. I never thought I could feel lonelier than I did then.
But, you didn't know and you didn't care. To think, for a split second, I wanted to cry again. I
hate letting anyone have that power over me.

Especially someone like you. "Someone like you". What a joke. But, this isn't funny. It's
hilarious. I am free to do what I want and frankly, what
I'm most looking forward to; I get to walk away from you and
not feel obligated to ever turn around.

"A true charmer I’m bring these folks up to Judy’s mind"
Hal Loyd Denton 

The Fiery Red Head

It is time to pay honor to one who doesn’t know it is do I begin from this point as all of us in a sense we
Are doing the same thing for me it is writing my way out yours is different but before I go I will have my
Say I realize I gave all my attention to her mother and father now it is time to shine the light on her
Reveal her inner and outward glory and beauty to do this and to make sense I have to lay a little ground
Work on how we met and ultimately what it meant as brief as possible I had a Simi normal life until I
Was five and my family left church you need paints from hell to paint the rest of my parents life we
Banged and stumbled along and then at twelve they divorced and all of a sudden my dad and I weren’t
A family in the eyes of those we rented from so they kicked us out and we ended up in a mine shack no
Sheet rock on the walls no ceiling no bathroom no heat after about a month the family had a meeting I
Was delivered from hell to heaven I went from sleeping under ten blankets to a sheet and light blanket at
His sister’s house what luxury then my mother bribed me by buying me a television to live with her folks
That where Judy comes in she lived down the street I already knew her because her brother and I was
Best friends but my move put me into a place ruled by two laws Willie’s law and Judy’s law I learned in
School supposedly the wave came about when you met someone long ago it was showing you had no
Weapon and that you were friendly well with Judy there was a different wave you instinctively put your
Hand behind you back feeling to see if anything would impede your escape put it this way you didn’t
Want to whirl around and run head first in to something and then fall back in her arms you heart could
Stop no problem she would scream and it would start in a hurry when you’re young your naturally stupid
Or one time I was told ignorant that means you just haven’t been taught yet anyway it sounds better but
First to show innocent stupid she and her sister Barb were pretty they sing about California girls Illinois
Isn’t full of woofers this isn’t a kennel well I was in the living room and barb goes back to her bedroom
She is back there about an hour she went back there just like always but as fate would have it I was
Moving across the floor and she walks out God she looked like she stepped out of a glamour magazine I
Didn’t know it but I was doing a Gomer impression not the aw shucks degum but I found out my mouth
Had fallen open barb looked at me and laughed and said what’s the matter I was dumbstruck Max
Factor and Barb hit a homerun that day that was good stupid but I followed my uncle in a sense he left
Home at thirteen and worked and lived with the local bootlegger I was basically on my own at fourteen I
Had to make decisions and find my way not always making the smartest moves that’s where Judy comes
In God made her with a sense of justice and what Washington doesn’t have the guts to take action she
Was never mean just for meanness sake but screw-up don’t worry I don’t know the avenging angel but I
Knew his helper people cry God is distant he is close at hand he puts people in your life so you don’t end
Up like my fiend Melvin we would listen to our dad’s story of the antics they pulled when they were
Younger this farmer the next day would try to top them he stole something from the store when the
Manager was looking at him and then chased him of the store each act of defiance made him more
Reckless worse than that it made him meaner I finally cut him loose I heard about him he walked into a
Liquor store pulled out a gun the store owner shot first he died on the operating table I had many helps
Getting to adult hood gentle souls were positioned along the way and tough ones when needed like Rex
Perry’s mom Roxanna she was a red head to but her rule was quiet and powerful midst storms for sure
But I took notice and I never forgot and there was tom’s mother another red head Elsie pretty and sweet
A true charmer I’m bring these folks up to Judy’s mind a little thrill for her special day Friday one
Last addition her neighbor Sara because of this special memory I don’t think Judy saw this I will share it
Now we were out at the end of Sara’s house snow was already falling but all of a sudden and I truly think
That if Heaven ever did disintegrate this would be the first evidence of it the flakes became big as silver
Dollars the sky filled with them they floated so softly and slow you were pulled skyward and you were
Allowed to float down with them a wonderland was forming before our eyes I said I would never forget
And I never have another precious memory from childhood and a great street just right for Christmas
Greeting and a happy birthday for a special friend thanks Jude making my life great have a great

"You're such a charmer, I know"
Roberta Day 

My love for you knows no bounds
Regardless of how upsetting you tend to be
One more confession following one more round
I'm far from blind but can't quite see

A connection I miss, intimacy and truth
Your voice was music to my ears
Essentially we are now escaping our youth
Mentally, you've got a couple more years

Promises were made that cease to exist
(Promises were made to be broken?)
I disagree though, I'm to blame for this
Fear is my ailment for why I haven't spoken

"There's nothing to fear but fear itself"
Straight from the horse's mouth
I've failed to comply with my word as well
Still filled with excess doubt

You managed to remove that away from a while
Guaranteed, a job well done
With even just a crack of a smile
I received my prize, I proudly won

The game is over, no lives left
No mushrooms to revive me now
If it was that simple, I'd hit 'select'
And 'retry' with better understanding how

Starting over begins the same
But the direction and obstacles change
A new route is followed in vain
For not enough experienced has been gained

You're such a charmer, I know
I still haven't fully broken your spell
I'm currently trying my hand at laying low
I question your thoughts; by now you should know me well

I want inside your head and heart
Where does your pain emerge from?
My curiosity is insatiable once I've felt a spark
I will continue to listen until your confession is done

I don't force a smile, but it's not completely real
I can maintain being civil with you
When you attempt to hide things you failed to conceal
My submissive attitude is what I must subdue

Why do I continue to feel this ache?
Does mental illness play a possible factor?
The idea of romanctic love I can't seem to shake
Yet if it's real, it inevitably won't matter

According to them, I don't know who you are
Yet I feel I've known all along
And even so, I've fallen this hard
I simply hope you'll still play me that song

Oh yeah, I play video games.
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