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Aden Annane Jun 1
Are you ok?
I am ok.
But everything is not ok.
What is “ok”?
I am confused.

In such a state today
With violence on display
Is it safe to say “ok”?
No way.

Countless belligerents
Everywhere there is indifference
Or just blatant insolence
If something is “ok”
It’s likely due to ignorance
June First, Two-Thousand and Twenty
Aden Annane Jul 2019
the ignorant man scoffed at the weather

the rain
the thunder
the lightning

he complained of the noise

does he not know
the world is quieter
when people like him hide
Aden Annane Jun 2019
my terrible maxim
so be it true
true for me
unique memories
do not come in twos

the serendipity in life
comes from acceptance
cherishing the darkness
makes a joy of your attendance
find the unique memories
you will find your transcendence

accept these unique memories
they are your intelligence

— The End —