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Payton Hayes Jul 2018
I have once again, left
open the door to
my heart and
the wasps have found
their way in.
The fluttering in my bones
was not from the
It was the sharp sting of
falling in love
with you.
Payton Hayes Jul 2018
You blew me away, like a
                                   feather in the wind.
The very first second I saw you,
                                                   I knew there
was no way I could keep up.  You swept me
             away with your wild currents.
          When I first met you,
                      I thought, I was weak.
I thought you would surely extinguish my flame
  with the tiniest whisper.
          But you showed me that I
                        you to be stronger,
          that I needed you to burn brighter,
not because I was weak, not because I needed a man, but
                      because you were my
other half.
Payton Hayes Jul 2018
I tasted
the sting of whiskey
on your lips as we
kissed, your body betraying
you one last time, it was saying,
“I couldn’t handle myself sober for this.”
we said our last goodbye, without
ever saying a word.
Payton Hayes Jul 2018
There is some kind of soft magic
in the way your hands glide
across my skin, half knowing,
and half discovering,
decoding all that I am.
The way you go straight to the heart
of the matter, yet in doing so,
you're perpetually awed both by
your new findings and by the
remnants of stardust you left
behind, last time.
Payton Hayes Jul 2018
You, earthling, how can you even
begin to attempt to fathom
what it means to live,
when you don’t bother
to attempt to fathom
what it means to love?

I’ve learned over the eons that
it may be air that keeps my lungs
full and my body alive,
but air doesn’t fill my heart
the way love does, and
air doesn’t breathe
life into my soul, the way
loving someone does.
Payton Hayes Jul 2018
I do not need alcohol to have
I do not need cigarettes to be
I do not need dope to be
I need to feel you in my
I need to breathe you in with every
And even if you’re just a high,
I want to never come
I do need you.
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Payton Hayes Jul 2018
Golden-yellow, silky smooth skin
the color of honey begs me for a taste.
I mustn’t forget, the last time I came to
her seeking sweetness,
I was stung.
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