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To me, there Is nothing to compare with the love of a woman to feel her touch and the kiss from sweet tender lips

There's nothing to compare with true love to when falling In love with the girl of your dreams nothing compare with touch the of her hand

Nothing compare's to being In love the very first time you make love with your girl, and you're laid after with smiles on your

All you want to do Is to marry this girl of your dreams, spent the rest of your life with her, that day
finally comes and you marry her

For me the proudest day of life I had won the heart of this girl of my dreams and now she was my
Proudest day of my life married to the girl of
my dreams to ware our wedding rings upon our finger's nothing compare's
to true love
Something life doesn't always turn out the way you expect It to many things can go
just as they did with mine struggle most of my life
through each every day
then out of the
this pretty girl she came my way when I saw I knew
I loved her right there and then first time In my life I really
had something that was
right through all my struggles
In life, I finally had something In life to believe and really want so badly I would have died for
The first time In my life I had found something I so badly wanted the love of this pretty girl who had come my way
out of the blue my friend
I can't for life understand why men that treat their partners with abuse physically or
mentally, or even
They know nothing of
how to treat a lady, with
the respect they are not objects they're human
with a feeling, treat
a woman as did my wife
she gave so much love In our time
never for a moment did I think I was better than her because I wasn't, we
equal In all we did, that's
what true love Is, but to beat and abuse women disgust me, time It was stopped
Disgust me the way some men abuse there women why they human beings with feeling you treat them with the respect they deserve and they gave ther undying love
Oh the sadness Is fading away to happier days
to now I remember you
my Sweetheart those  lovely days wrapped
In your
Oh the sadness fading away so fast any sorrow soon now
It's only happy times I remember now of the
times we first stepped out together
Sadness Is long gone now and I think of
I remember those times
we made love for sadness as finally left me
Sadness Helen has passed yous think of better days a head
Day of Heaven that's how to describe my days spent with you the darling  I lived my days In Heaven that's for
You opened the doors to Heaven for me when you
took by the hand and kissed with so sweet and tender
Helen, you took to Heaven on a wave ****** pure pleasure whilst making beautiful love to you
With Helen It's to Heaven
I've surely
Helen took me to Heaven on pure wave of pleasure ******
whilst making love to her
The sun came back today
after a cold spell to shine It's warming light on
we're It once did shine for my sweetheart and me back those wonderful
we spent together days never thought to end sunny days that seemed to go on
but only now shine
on me for my sweetheart has finally the
Sunny days thought never to end, sun that once shone It's
warming light for the both of us
Since my darling has passed she has left me
with an Incredible
passion to want to help
other people
need and kindness even
I didn't know I had So through tragedy, there
has become a new
that has a purpose again for life, that has all come through my own tragedy
of loss that of
wife So Incredible this Inspiration Helen has given me from poetry writing has helped so much In my
and has made me a much stronger a person I'm able to see beyond my
the grief that I'm not the only one I feel the grief of others who
I believe this wanting to help Is a gift from Helen this Is what
wants me to do not to lie In my grief the rest of my life but to be positive do something with rest of my
Through my own tragedy of loss that of my wife, Helen has give an Icredible passion to help others, I can see beyond
my own grief to others who
suffer loss and that I'm not the only one to suffer loss and that I'm just a much kinder person thanks to Helen a the wonderful gift she has given me
Just read a poem gentlemen wrote that opened eyes me to
trolls who on poetry sites are using the emoji that
of a thumbs
Trying to destroy peoples love of poetry writing how pathetic these so-called trolls are they have nothing better to do In
Other than try and destroy other peoples lives and enjoyment shame on
them they disgust me they run
though the Internet
like a plague Infecting
everything they come
In contact
Internet trolls who infect us  like a plague everything they come In contact with
She's forever with me In my very soul her spirit walks with me through any kind of weather to we're ever I do
For her spirit never left me she In my very soul controlling all my thoughts
through all my
Her spirit never left me It's In my very soul she lives
her spirit that's bring me
so much strength In my every day
Helen spirit Is still with me In each and every minute of my days still she who give so much joy for
such Inspriration to keep strong
Helen Inspiration give me so much to live, for her spirit will see me through any of my every day struggles of life
Remembering walking through huge snow drifts as a kid In those snowy winter days of the
walking to and fro from primary school sometimes snow  up my waste struggling even walk absolutely
freezing soaked to the skin having to dry our clothes of on the class room radiators and trying to warm frozen hands
and feet
people think the snow we get now Is bad believe me It's nothing to those winters of 1960s
but at leased we didn't have global warming we had proper seasons
followed In the correct order so at least you knew what to expect back In the 1960s so least we could prepare for
When I was a kid back In the 1960s we used have the four season that came the correct order unlike It Is now with global warming at least we knew what expect and could prepare for It
I remember so well coming home from school the autumn leaves golden brown recently fallen from trees
laid on the ground the joy of kicking through them that rustling sound
winter chills whistling around trees
now laid
suddenly I start to speed up at thought of getting home for my tea school all forgotten and homework too until the next
Thoughts of kicking through Autumn leaves golden brown recently fallen from trees then speeding up to get home for my tea
I keep you here with me my love for I never left
you, In my thought, you'll
always be so I'm not alone no more
For every thought I have of you keeps you near to me such lovely thoughts now I have sadness slowing fading
To now better days that lay ahead for I'm no longer lonely now for still
have you who gave to me so much In
And although your gone you still bring so much happiness to me beautiful
memories our time together that carry through each
And makes me a stronger person much kinder too
so much I owe to you for your love you gave to me
so much happiness along the
Through the twenty years we had and the son you gifted me bless you my darling forever I'll love
forever In my heart you'll be you were the only one for me there will never be
Forever In my thoughts you'll be sadness fading now to happier times we had and of better days to come
When I was at school got bullied a lot so I turned
It back In my favour I became a classroom
Everybody loved my classroom jokes all but one
kid who got very angry at the attention I was
So he said to me when I
get you outside I'm going to beat the** out you, well In
head lock and thumping
me hard In the face
when he let go with blood streaming
from the cut on my face, I stood up tall looked him In the eye and said Is that the best you can
this put the fear God In him for he knew couldn't
hurt me and he never
laid hand on me ever
The moral of the story
you don't always have to retaliate to violence with violence sometime just a look and a word will
A message to anyone being bullied you don't always have to resort to violence to beat sometimes words and a look will do but the most Important to remember don't suffer In silence they are cowards that hide the fact they are cowards by becoming  bullies stay strong all you that are victims
Never was there anything prettier than Helen whilst waking upon dawns early light to see her lying there desperately wanting
taking my hand and very gently caressing the lovely curves of her body placing my lips upon her ******* hoping she would
Eventually, she would  we'd start to kiss grabbing hold of each other bodies that wonderful passion Helen had
love there we were making
beautiful love to dawns early light and to the sounds of singing
Beautiful moments remembered of wonderful times together
When I just boy my mom beat me black and blue
so much did I take off her  abuse that only made
stronger more determined to survive no matter how much abuse I took I wasn't going to beat Into any kind of
I'd stay strong hang In seeing It through for the day would surely come when I'd be set free from all this
to live my as I should but never regain the childhood I had lost to abuse that would never
Through abuse, I learned to be strong never let go of my dreams to survive and survive I did
When I was just a kid
I thought Heaven to be closer than It probably
was, though I reach out
and touch with my
hand so I could say I'd
held Heaven with my
When I was just a kid
I thought I reach Into
to the darkened sky
and pick the stars from
their rightful place of hanging In the
Picking them like flowers from a garden and laying
them Into pretty patterns
on the bedroom floor because I thought the stars were closer than they probably
Just as I grew to realise  
Heaven Is much further away than as a kid I had ever thought It was In
my mind no longer could reach out and touch
with my hands, It turns they hundreds of millions of miles away from here and the touch of my
When I was just a kid I really believed I could just reach out and touch Heaven With my hand
Sometimes whilst I am fast asleep at night does me
sweetheart visit me when I'm asleep and
unaware It just a thought that crossed my mind whilst settling down to sleep
but a lovely thought to have before going to
but maybe It true it perhaps nobody knows
not even
but If we're truly the thought Helen again laying beside me but sadly I would be fast asleep I'd be totally
A thought before going to sleep
does Helen visit me whilst I'm fast asleep and totally unaware
When I go out to meet another day having struggled to get from my
bed through pain and
lack of
Out to the places Helen and I used to go It's with sadness I find darkened corner
to were I drink my coffee and write poem of Helen
It to there I find my Inspiration for poetry writing
by returning to place Helen and I once did go bringing memories that I turn Into poems dedicated
to my one true love In
When go out to the places Helen used to go It with sadness I find a darkened
corner to where I drink my coffee alone to write poetry for to where I get my Inspiration to write my tribute poems to my wife
Stranger, we never were always as If we'd known each all lives as If we always been
loved each other from the very first time we saw each
The stranger we never were
If we'd always been together loved
the very time I saw
her knew she'd be my wife for we were never strangers we loved each other at first
For I loved her the
very  first time I ever saw
her we were never strangers
I new Helen from the age of eight the first I slept with Helen
never felt awkward
or strange because I played as a kid In the
to where Helen lived many happy playing spent as a kid
The first time I ever moved In with Helen and slept in her bed never felt awkward it strange for the house Helen lived I'd played many hours as a kid
And here I will stay
In this life without
you until It's time for
me leave but whilst
I'm here In
I will promise you to
keep that of your
memory much alive
just as If you're are
still here with
All dreams I have of
you that carried me through this life so far
of the wonderful love
that we
Here I'll stay In this life to keep memories of you alive and to live In dreams until It time for me to leave and join you
Somewhere far away to where I can't see lies my
love who waits for
Far away to where can't see Is to where my sweetheart Is there
waiting for
I know she waits for me
to that, I can't see I believe that of Heaven Is to where  She
For this place, I know as Heaven Is to there we will both shall be soon to be happy again
Helen won't for me In a place we know as Heaven so we can be happy together again
A truer love I never
could have found for
this girl who gave her heart and soul to me
thought me of a love that
I had never
This girl who always stayed faithful
throughout our time together she gave her  
all she had to making
This girl called Helen
to whom I truly miss
who gave so much to
me a truer love I never could have
For with Helen I knew
I had all the love she
gave to me Helen taught
me all there was to know of  love and through
knowing her has made
me a much
kinder person to that
I have
Through Helen love and what  she thought me I have become a much nicer person
Most of my life was like sitting on a fence never knowing which side to
step off too that was till
the day I first saw
she was sister to my best
mate, so I knew her from the age of eight but now she was a young woman
so pretty petite
the lovely figure couldn't take my eyes off her and she knew It she would wear these beautiful two-piece suits she looks both elegant and extremely
Helen knew to use this to work In favour I used to think of as like a very naughty nymph
but still retained a school girl Innocents that made even more
but I notice her beauty was not just on the outside but came also from within I thought a rare quality she had but Helen was very cheeky
so very forward In her ways, I was very shy so she  could cause me to blush so easily but she was lovely
But because of my shyness
It would many years  before I would meet her again
to then eventually, go
on to be her husband but always remember those the first days of seeing all grown up a woman
oh so pretty girl she was, this girl I knew as Helen who I would later become her husband
Helen was sister to my best mate I knew her from the age of eight but I ever saw as a young woman Oh lovely she was an elegant but oh so ****
but still retained an Innocents of a schoolgirl she was like a naughty nymph so full of life
Helen gave everything to this life she never received anything back only the love of her family husband daughter and sons her dear
She gave so much to this world just by her presence being here but In return all she received nothing from this world but pain
And I'm still asking why she never deserved any of that she never complained of her pain her
I always remember a priest when Helen was In her wheelchair at a appointment at mental health
he said he didn't no why God allowed people In  wheelchair and those suffering so many
I think It so sad people seem be singled out to suffer In life were others
never seem to get any problems at
A priest once said he didn't know why God allowed people to suffer with illnesses end up In wheelchairs
With nowhere to go and nothing left for me now to go back to for I've burned all bridges a long time ago nothing
or waiting on me for what had that of true love Is all over now and no amount of tears cried will ever bring her
For I burned all my bridges
such a long time ago for when I met my wife to be and all I had done before
I met
all was forgotten as If It never existed for I
burned all
there's no going back burned along with them was memories of my past
For I started living life for real the day I met my wife to be so when she
passed on there
on or turning back for I burnt all my bridges a long time ago the day Helen she became my
The day I met Helen I burnt all my bridges to my past so life for me began the day I married
Helen, I no longer had a past
How strange since my loves been gone I no longer have any Interest  of time it no longer Important concerns me very little at

Do not change the days on the calendar any more with often nowhere to go
no place to be time has become as If It stood
still for

But that's what true love Is all about and you love someone so much It leaves you with nothing when they're gone almost you become like and

can't function so much you have to do but you can't do any if It your mind on your loved one all you can do to
get through the

of shutting yourself away from the outside world the only way you survive in your memories of your loved
You lose your loved one you survive in my memories and that through those memories  I've got as far as I have
No more love could there ever be not now for me you see for I had the best of whatever there was as regards
a once upon a lifetime of love for It was
with that special love
for I had It all
nothing compared or
ever will
from the kiss of her lips to the touch of her hand so soft or just to hearing her voice so no more could I ever have
nothing could even come close to her and the love that we had If were possible to turn back the clock
maybe just one time live one day more with her I would give whatever I had just had that one
last chance
give up the remaining days of my life for sure I would do for no more love could I have no one
come close to the love
that we had so I'll keep to my memories of her knowing they'll see me through something no other relationship could ever
Helen's love so strong that I have enough memories of her to see me through the rest of my days
If I was offered a fortune to forget you, well you can
guess what
answer would be It would probably start with
one letter of F
then probably end with two my darling no riches ever could buy
wonderful love that you gave me right up to the day that you passed
If offered all the riches In the world to forget you, well you can probably guess what my answer would be?
Heaven the Angel you sent me when you first heard my cries you who
have decided to take her from me and return her to Heaven where she came
from but what you didn't realise
or maybe It just didn't concern you, the beautiful Angel, you sent me on hearing my
I fell In love with please hear my cries and send my beautiful Angel back to where she belongs here In my arms
Heaven who sent me an Angel
on hearing my cries who then recently took her and returned her to Heaven were you not aware I had fallen In love with this  Angel you sent me so please send her back to me
where she belong In my arms
Today I feel like doing nothing at all but to lay here safe and warm In my bed wrapped In the all those wonderful memories of my one time
I turn on my side and Imagine her their Oh how  
pretty she look I can almost smell the scent of
her beautiful perfume generating warm radiating from her
She snuggles In nice and close I gaze those eyes that
could express more than any words could ever say
and her smile Oh that of an
she rests her head on my shoulder whilst looking
up at me, she would lay her hand so soft upon my
sometimes naughty she would pull the hair my chest making me squeal like a big baby I'm ashamed to admit but you could never fault In any way
But Oh so lovely her
laying beside me sometimes hurts so much to think I'll
never experience any these beautiful things with her again not at leased In my
But Imagination Is a wonderful gift because to there I can bring my loved back through all those wonderful
I have spent so much time doing this of late It's difficult to no what's real and what
Imagination through losing Helen I have learned to do this so well I believe Its what has got me thus far
Imagination a wonderful gift
to where you regain take of back control any situation by
creating from one own Imagination
Just to close my eyes s briefly a moment I see
my love before me and
Oh so pretty she Is
smiling at me want to reach out my hand
and touch
but because she Is part of my Imagination now can't
do that anymore  She speaking now I can hear her beautiful
In my head saying she Is missing me so much and
asking If angry because she left me In this life behind alone but said she just had to
It was quite quick she said no time tell you so you couldn't have there for my final moments she said don't blame
you were not there at my final departure from life
It was how It was meant
to be she said I'd always been there for
In life and I had done enough for her and that she was happy with
and then I opened my eyes she had gone all part Imaginary world when I close my eyes It to then
I see
.my Imagination running away with me sometime don't know what real and what's not
So much sadness I had whilst growing up as a kid
things were done to me
that never should have been
But through pain and
tears so much hurt endured all those years
for I lost all my childhood
years to
But then came to me a voice  I believe to be that of my Guardian Angel
told me to stay strong and one day soon you'll find true happiness and when I suffered beatings by my mom  
afterwards when quite and alone the
would return to me with words of encouragement to hang In there and stay strong
for your day Is coming to be free of all this that's what the voice did tell me and from those days as a kid to this very day
I've heard the voice of my Guardian Angel one more time telling  to
a letter to the girl I loved who didn't know of  my love
who because of that letter then she became my wife for the Angel had said If you don't write them
I'd regret It for the of my life It was then the voice left me for never to
be heard
so guess my Angel thought I could now cope on my own and left to go and help another helpless
A voice as a child I heard I believe to be that of my Gardian Angel who guided through life
Lay your all dreams
upon now just so I can remember how
were for as I grow older my memory fades with each year that passes
Sweetheart lay your dreams upon me  
now for my memory fading fast with
day that passes by don't know to how much I'll
be able to remember
with each year that passes
Start getting old the memory fade a little with each passing year
Waking Sunday morning for that by far my worst
day I call Sunday
dead day everything as
a child always on Sunday was dead
no where open but for the church a place I never went to even the sound of the bells ringing depressed me
last day free before returning to school
trying to spin out the day as much possible In hope of delaying the arrival of Monday
dreaded school not done my homework be In trouble again headmasters office probably six the
but always took It like man tried not the let the pain show never cried out that not what men are supposed to
Hate Sundays  always have a dead day or at leased when I was a kid It was
I can almost smell those sunny days as a child up playing In the hills above my home
abused as a child I was more than happy to stay outdoors as long as I possibly l could didn't want to go home
to more abuse but up In those hills I forget all for while at least for the time I  was free to do as I
but was always with fear of the time coming where have to return home and face my abusive
my dad nothing of dought he would believed me If I told him so didn't I told no one at
I loved playing those hills above my home I almost
smell those sunny days
While sat In my garden one sunny day I look to the faraway hills to where played as a child whilst up there one sunny day a young girl came skipping my way so
pretty she
We went to be childhood sweethearts back In the summer the of 63 school holidays ended and we went back to school
hand In hand to school we did go
but as time went by we went our separate ways
I went to a life as a loner
my sweetheart went to marriage she married a guy In the
Air Force
who didn't treat her right no respect did he show her Eventually divorced her
Many years
I was to meet my childhood sweetheart again were we fell love married she gifted me a son we had twenty years together till sadly she passed
but I still think back to that summer of 63 to where that oh so pretty girl came skipping my way on that glorious summers
Remembering the summer of 63 to where a pretty girl came skipping my waywe became childhood sweethearts
Remember as a youth so well, feeling so lost and alone nowhere to go and nowhere to be but to be locked In my room away from the
Drifting from dreams to dreams thinking nobody cared to briefly come out at night then back to my dreams
The curse of depression that's haunted me for most of my life so many I times couldn't face
opening my curtain that block out the
Hearing sounds of laughter In streets down below people down there enjoying themselves laid there wishing I could be there
There nothing worse than depression that steals so much of one's life and robbed me of most of my youth wasting away alone In my room upstairs drifting from dream to dream
Depression that can one of so much of there  youth as did mine
Somewhere out there, Helen, she calls to me her voice carried on the wind that blows outside my door
that opens onto the outside
Since she's been gone a world I'm no longer so keen on for Its much-changed world since my darling has been gone a world
But I shall keep a candle burning bright In case her spirit you should pass my way come calling her voice carried on the wind that sings through the trees like a voice of an
Helen's voice carried on the wind that blows
I'm running around In my dreams running around
In my dreams at night with you just as we did In life  go running around not care In the
Running away with you from reality, running away
In my dreams running away from this world I longer care for I'm happy with you
Running together you come running away In my dreams at night running around In my dreams
with you
dreams I never want to wake from, happy to stay In my dreams with you happy ever after running around In my dreams with you my
Running Around In My Dreams With You
For Texas Is now In my all dreams a place probably
I'll never get to see for I'm too old
but to see Texas In my dreams to where my dearest friend It to where she does
A more true friend one could never find, It, Conroe Lake Texas to where she Is right now
It to where all my dreams do lay but although we far
apart we'll always be true friends until we both go home
A more true one could never find she always though we far
we always be friends until we both go home
I have my darling on my mind and every night I
go to sleep but she's gone  upon dawn early morning
For In spirit she never far from sight for In spirit she comes to me at night she enters through a doorway to my dreams that only she
and as wake upon the dawns  early light to find that she Is gone but no she has been here with me
and laid down here beside me
for her perfume I still, smell upon my pillow where last night she lay down and made love to me In my dream
A fantasy of my darling that of she enters my dreams through a doorway to my dreams she only knows but she leaves before dawns early light
Everything between Helen and I was always shared no secrets or lies between us did we ever have a friendship and a love that stood the test of
No mattered what was ever thrown at us throughout our lives and the time we had together
but we always stayed true to each other that the only way true love ever
For true love Is what Helen and I really had the wedding vows we made for better or for worse both us truly meant and we stayed faithful to each other to the very
Staying faithful to each other no matter what that true love Is all about
No more could I have done
for you Helen, so loyal
and very true I stayed
to her for all of the
I spent with her she
made all my dreams
come true In all that
she did for
All the kind thing she
said to me, always
made feel loved by
her no one could
have asked more
of her
So loving and very
true faithful right the
end, she was to
wife, mother, lover
and the best friend I ever
had she stayed true to me
right to the very
Helen wonderful wife mother lover and best friend no one could have asked for
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Conroe Lake Texas
Sitting In a wood In Conroe Lake  Texas half moon hung In clear sky watching fireflies a mother and
enjoying the evening night air relaxing and chilling unwinding at the end of the day
My friend from Conroe Lake Texas enjoying the evening night air with her son unwinding at the end of the day
Always to together for forever we'll be just as
In life as death so we
For I know my darling
somewhere out you waiting for me
One day I'll be joining you
where together we'll be just as In life forever was meant to
So much In love for true romance, we truly did have
like Siamese twins never apart just In life so shall be In
Together as In life as In death
forever we'll be
Laid there watching my sweetheart whilst she did sleep moonlight through the window came to cast a glowing light upon her face
Like the flickering of a candle flame to light, the beauty of her face with an almost childhood Innocents, whilst I laid there watching
totally unaware that I was even there, she looked just like an Angel laying there the gentle rise and fall of her ******* with every breath she did
Like a flickering candle flame, the moonlight shone
all around her beautiful face, but she never even noticed I was there just like an Angel she was laying there, fast asleep and totally unaware that I was even
I lay awake and watch Helen sleeping there just like an Angel she did look
Day after day laid here with nothing to do but think of you, my kitten asleep by side to where you once did lay and I
miss you
Day after day Im learning to cope without you my
love for there's no more I can do for you I given my all
Day after day I promise I'll always remember you put fresh flowers on your grave sit and talk with you on sunny
I Promised Helen I'll always Remember Her Put Fresh
On Her Grave Sit With Her And Talk To Her On Sunny Days And I Will
My curtains remain closed just as they were when my sweetheart passed on never ever to be opened again
I remember the first  morning I woke without Helen here at my side not
hearing her voice total silence
I snuggled back up Into my bed covers closed eyes and tried to go back to sleep drifting from one memory to another
Laid there for weeks only coming out at dead night
and returning to bed like a vampire before dawns early morning
But I've made It thus far surviving on my memories of those wonderful days spent with
Helen although I still shed tears I'm strong enough now to know I can make
It's been a long struggle but I'm stronger now and no I'm going to make It
To my now empty house
where once was filled with laughter now only silence echoes through the walls were once they heard Helen's
now a cold and lonely place empty chair where Helen once sat now to where our kitten plays empty rooms within my empty
once was filled so much love but photographs and memories of love once so true, my God I miss her
empty rooms within empty house left with just your memories now a one time love never to be
Empty rooms within my empty house that once felt so much love only silence echo's around
your photo's on my walls
I've walked many roads through life to get where
I am but have no reason
for regret for those roads
through life If I'd never walked them I would never found my
The many roads I've walked through life that have bought me to where I am now the twenty years
I had with my sweetheart
as my
But the many roads through life I have walked
that have to lead me to acceptance of my lovely wife who passed away no longer being
The many roads I've walked through life that finally have reached an end happiness I thought to never to end I do not regret walking any of those
So the roads I walked throughout my life to none of them I regret that bought to the where I I'm
for they bought twenty years happiness and so I can never have
No regrets throughout I have for the twenty years I shared
with Helen as mywife
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