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Kate S Sep 2019
They say
"It's not the right time,"
but there has never been a time
I need him more

They say
"He's not the right guy,"
but the ache in my chest
tells me I'm done for

not matter how they say it
my heart won't believe them
it longs for him
while I lay on the floor
Kate S Sep 2019
just like gravity
you pulled me close

and just like the sun
you burned me alive

sometimes i wish
i was never in your orbit

but just like a comet
i couldn't resist the pull
Kate S Sep 2019
I know you don't believe me
but you are extraordinary

your kindness and your mind
anything beyond ordinary

I don't know how long
I can keep these feelings buried

but when the time comes
I'll show them without wary
Kate S Apr 2019
you covered yourself in honey
to hide your bitter heart

you said lovely words
to distrace from your sharp tongue

my rose-colored glasses
made it easy to believe in you

but all your honey
has washed away

now your words
match your intentions

my glasses are broken
and i can finally see

your true colors
Kate S Apr 2019
Sweet Saturnine Child
you fear so much around you
expectations you don’t understand
responsibilities you never wanted
you’re disciplined in your actions
yet your mind tells a different story
because you
Sweet Saturnine Child
are better than your expectations
Kate S Apr 2019
Just because
does not change
how you think they should,
does not mean they are stagnant.
It means
they do not meet
your expectations.
Kate S Apr 2019
In a dream I had once,
you smiled at me like I was your world.
have I been
more disappointed
to wake up.
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