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We're saying lets take it easy
Just an innocent fling
Nothing more

It's hard to do that
When we're everything we've wanted

Because you will be gone for a long time
On the other side of the world
It'll be hard

You say I'm trouble, that you hate me
Jokingly of course
I try to keep it cool
I surprise you almost as much as you surprise me

Its so easy to ****** you
But its so easy to trust you too

Its so easy to like you

And as we lit the candles in my room
I realise that there's something special between us,
*because the only thing we're setting fire to
is our hearts
This is about someone I met recently that I'm thinking might be my soulmate
Sing thee, for heart’s content
Lyrical ballad set to heart’s tune
Finery draped over each note
Harmonious waves of happiness
Travels far and wide, beyond
Birds perched at your window
Sweet as honey, soothing to ears
Heart and soul in harmonious bind
Waves of euphoria, deluges you
An existence of utmost finery
In sync with singing heartbeats
Dancing feet are testimony
Sing thee, till you find a resting place
If you're ever feeling sad
If you're ever feeling down
If you ever cease to smile
And you begin to frown.

If you're ever feeling lonely
If you're ever feeling blue...
Just know that I'm right here
And I'm willing to help you.
Often there are people all around us wishing to help us with whatever problems we may have, and we overlook them or shrug them off.
We're building a snowman
And it's not going well.
The snow just won't pack
And nobody will help.

It's cold and it's wet.
The ground underneath's muddy.
And we're sitting here wishing
That instead it was sunny.

The neighbor kids come
Saying they want to play
But only as long as
We do it their way.

They kick the snow 'round
And start a big fight.
Shove our faces in snow
'Til they're all white.

When we ran away,
They screamed, "No fair!"
"That's not in the rules!
You must stand there."

They kick down our snowman
And when we start crying,
They make Boo-Hoo faces,
And tell us, "Stop whining!"

The sun starts setting.
They all are called home.
We are left standing
In snow-dust alone.

Oh, we hate those darned neighbors
And their kind of fun.
From now on, we decide
How our happiness is run.
I tried to write this one as a metaphor. Often in the world, we seek help from others, only to have them tell us how we're doing it wrong. Then, they step in and show us the "right" way, often destroying something that makes us happy, and spit in our face when we become upset about the way they run things. Every man should be left to himself.
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