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  Jan 2016 Wing Girl
Once upon a time,
there was a me and you,
happiness rang like chimes,
and our smiles did so too.
No bizarre moment flared,
nor sadness overthrew,
we were simply scared,
that our feeling'll be *******.
They named us liar and a fake,
cause we seemed too perfect,
so for our own sake,
we pretended there was no effect.
Yet a little too late were we,
to realize the truth of us all,
so desperate to suppress what we see,
that didn't notice we had fall.
We swayed and drifted,
and parted with a crime,
that scarred as we shifted,
but that was just once upon a time.
I don't regret anything.
Wing Girl Sep 2015
Happiness is just a temporary feeling,
Sadness is what scars you for life
Wing Girl Aug 2015
Standing in the front line
had to skip my dine
had to choose to fight
couldn't change the flag white
Wing Girl Jul 2015
Sometimes I wonder,
Why do I have to encounter,
Things that fill my life with thunder
  Jun 2015 Wing Girl
Kuah Yee Han
We all know that history repeats itself
And when you finally face defeat, it's hell
The torture one has no choice but to go through
Free seats to a painful ordeal, Row 2

I don't think you have ANY idea how it feels
When your state of mind just surrenders and kneels
It's agonising, you just wanna release what you hold inside
The feeling stays, it will never roll or slide

What's going on is the truth that you can't deny
All I can do now is just rant and cry
And that's what this is, but do not sympathise
There's the indisputable fact that I was victimised

I was taken for an idiot, I guess I just realised.
#okay #then
Wing Girl Jun 2015
Its not pointless.
There is still a reason for you to live
You still mean something to me
I know you are tired of your insomnia and depression
I know you are exhausted of fighting your own thoughts
I know you are sick of fighting suicide
Don't give up, continue holding on
Because I will always be there to fight with you no matter what happens
I will be there for you, please trust me once more? I beg you
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